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Keep Your House Exterior Walls Dirt Free

Dusting and cleaning your house exterior walls is something you rarely think of. However, exterior walls eventually fade and become dirty. It’s happened to your neighbours, and maybe it’s happened to you too. Climatic changes cause significant damage to your clean exterior walls because they are constantly exposed to dust and dirt. Over time, these particles accumulate on your walls, making it look dull and old. Some of the significant damage caused due to such dust accumulation are stated below. Impact your Home’s Visual Appeal The outside of your home needs to look just as beautiful as the indoors. But as the exterior is more in contact with the dust, the impact of the dust on the visual appeal is much more. Dust settles on the surface of the walls, making them look dirty. It fades the actual sheen of the paint and makes it look colourless and dry. It makes your work even harder to clean the walls for a better look. Leads to Algae Growth The growth of algae on external surfaces is natural, but it gets worse due to dust accumulation. The wind tends to assemble the dust on the horizontal surfaces of the wall. This offers a breeding ground and leads to the growth of algae as the dust collected serves them as soil. Also, these algae become more prevalent on horizontal surfaces receiving maximum sunlight and moisture. Spreads Dust Allergy Dust pollution across India is quite high and this causes a high number of dust allergy and respiratory infections. As the layer of dust starts building on your exterior wall, they will find a way indoors and become a health hazard for you and your family. If anyone in your household already suffers from dust allergy or asthma, this can worsen the situation even further. In short, dust not only affects the aesthetics of your home but can harm your health too. As constantly cleaning or wiping the exterior walls is not an option, it is best if you opt for quality dust resistant paint. Considering our different climates and the needs of every household, Nerolac has come up with Suraksha Dust Resist Exterior Emulsion, a dust resistant paint, to protect the exterior of your home adequately. Keep Your House Exterior Walls Dirt Free The key feature of this product is to protect your wall from dust and provide it a rich sheen. This paint will keep your home exterior walls away from dust and it is known that the higher the level of sheen, the more shine your walls will reflect. It keeps your walls shining no matter how much dust it faces. Apart from this, the product offers better durability and comes with a 3-year performance warranty. If you wish to know more about this product, feel free to enquire now. Our expert team will guide you through.

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