Q1: Why Should I Pick A Painter From NerolacMasterpainters.In?

All the painters associated with nerolacmasterpainter.in are skilled and trained. They have a reasonable experience in this field and provide top-notch services.

Q2: What Shall Be The Cost Of Painting My House?

The cost of painting will depend upon the paint chosen, amount of paint required along with labour and material charges. The amount of paint required will further depend upon the area of application, the dimensions of the area to be painted and the number of coats required.

Q3: How Soon Can The Painting Start?

The painting can start as and when you find it convenient.

Q4: Are There Any Harmful Chemicals Present In Paints?

VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compounds ) are solvents that get released into the air as the paint dries. VOCs can cause health issues. The VOC level varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is advisable to select paints that have low levels of VOC.

Q5: Are There Any Warranties On Painting?

The warranty of the painting will solely depend upon the products chosen for the painting task. It is the discretion of the manufacturer to decide the warranty of the products. Thus the warranty will vary from one case to the other. Thus it is advicabe to choose quality products for long lasting effects of painting.

Q6: What Type Of Paint Will Be Used?

A paint will be chosen depending upon the choice of colour, area of application, the budget and the finish desired by you ( matt/ gloss/ satin ).

Q7: How Will The Paint Be Applied?

Paint will be applied with the help of brushes and rollers. Tape, drop cloth, paint tray, ladder and paint edger will be some of the important ancillaries for painting.

Q8: Do You Have Painters Listed - Offering Commercial Painting?

Just drop in a message and we will get back to you soon


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Excellent Service!!

I have contacted so many dealers to find good painters but some of them were to costly or even not looking professional but after going on Nerolac Masterpainter website I found good painters who were trained and skilled and painted my home perfectly in the same way which I wanted. It was reasonable too in cost. I must say it was value for money service.

Sumit, Delhi
  • Ravijeet Kaur, Delhi

    We had stringent timelines as we had to move into our new home. NEROLACMASTERPAINTER.IN has been a saving grace...