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Two Colour Combination Ideas for Awesome Bedroom Decor

Two Colour Combination Ideas for Awesome Bedroom Decor

Choosing the right bedroom colour combination is the one thing that should top your checklist when it comes to redesigning your bedroom. Stylish, modern, subtle, minimalistic, or posh - the way your bedroom will look after redesigning depends majorly on the bedroom colour combination ideas you pick. While choosing a single colour based on your personality and likes for your space may seem like the right thing to do, you can experiment with two colour combination for bedroom walls for even better decor. Using two paint colours in your bedroom simply brings two distinct feelings and emotions that work in sync for a comfortable bedroom experience every day. Read on to learn more about creating the space of your dreams with the right dual-toned colour palette.

A Touch of Elegance

Two Colour Combination Ideas for Awesome Bedroom Decor

It's easy to achieve an alluring look with this all-time-hit paint colour combination for bedrooms. For starters, all four walls covered with an elegant beige shade like Mocassin Beige (2781) completed with white ceiling and floor tiles look the best. If this is too bland for yx`our taste, you can also paint the walls with beige, let the wainscoting be white, and combine these with dark-coloured furnishings.

Serene Aquamarine

Two Colour Combination Ideas for Awesome Bedroom Decor

The purity of chalky white coupled with the palest hue of teal (or sea green) makes for one of the best two colour combinations for bedroom walls. Walls in an aquamarine hue like Sealock (2465), white doors and windows, white wall detailing, and ivory ceiling redefine the beauty of your bedroom. You don't have to limit yourself to the pale shades, though. A darker tone of aquamarine, something like Open Courtyard (4317), with white contrasts also make for a pretty bedroom colour combination.

The Very Earthy

Two Colour Combination Ideas for Awesome Bedroom Decor

Won’t it be great if your wall colour combination for bedrooms took you a step closer to the natural elements outdoors? The refreshing feeling of lush green trees, the cooling effect of the moist refreshing! Let your senses be soothed by the wholesomeness of browns and freshness of greens. Paint the wall mountings and bead boarding with a brown of your choice - either beige or dark tan. Let the bedsheets, curtains, and tablecloths match the same colour based on whether you like a softer ambience or a darker one. Cover the backdrop of your walls with a complementing light or dark green colour. You can even opt for a light beige ceiling and dark wooden flooring to double the feels.

All of Greys

Two Colour Combination Ideas for Awesome Bedroom Decor

There's no such thing as the perfect way to use greys, for grey is such a versatile home paint colour. But yes, different tones of grey can be used as great paint colour combination for bedrooms. Imagine a room with one glass wall - ceiling to floor. Two walls of this room are painted with a light grey like Nantucket (3005) on two walls, and the fourth wall (the one at the back of your bed) painted with the deep grey - Distant Hills (2973). The door fitted in one wall is painted with the dark shade too, and so are all the wall detailings on walls covered with the lighter shade. The furniture and upholstery can either be sugar-white or of a bright pastel colour. Doesn’t the design look amazing in your imagination itself? That’s your easy paint colour combination for the bedroom.

Yin Yang of Purity

Two Colour Combination Ideas for Awesome Bedroom Decor

Some wall colour combinations for bedrooms never go out of fashion; and black-and-white is undoubtedly one of them. This colour adds a richness to any space, especially when combined with colours from our Masterpiece Whites range. A bedroom with white walls and an accent black wall, or vice versa, remains a timeless bedroom colour combination. Black walls with white wall detailing, or simple ombre from white to black (top to bottom), combined with jet-black furniture and centrepiece elements, are some of the countless tricks to add the boldness to your bedroom.

Pastel-ed Opulence

Two Colour Combination Ideas for Awesome Bedroom Decor

Pastels never disappoint! No matter what room it is, or what size your room is, pastels - when picked smartly - double the awesomeness of your bedroom. Baby pink, sky blue, canary yellow, lavender, pale peach, subtle lime - you can pick your favourite hue and shade out of those countless pastels available to redefine the charm of your bedroom. Just make sure that your bedroom accessories, ornaments, furnishing, upholstery, carpeting, and other elements are dark-toned to create a perfect balance of colours with your favourite bedroom colour combination.

Apart from these, some of our top two colour combination for bedroom recommendations include:

Kids Room (bright and happy):

Orange-blue, blue-green, green-red, red-blue, purple-pink, etc.

Couple Bedroom (passionate and classy):

Purple-white, turquoise-green, mustard-berries, purple-blue, lemon-dark grey, etc.

Parents' Room (subtle and soothing):

Beige-lilac/lavender, grey-gold, pastel-beige, green-coral, turquoise-beige, etc.

No bedroom colour combination is a bad one if you choose the right colour palette. So if you have any other bedroom colour combination ideas, make a note, talk to our expert painter for their inputs, and turn it into reality with the help of the best complementing or contrasting bedroom elements.

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