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6 Colours to Enhance the Look of Your Hallway

6 Colours to Enhance the Look of Your Hallway

A beautifully decorated hallway sets the tone for the rest of the house and introduces your own interior style for guests and loved ones as soon as they step through the door. But a lot of people either choose a white hallway paint colour or simply extend their living room wall paint to the hallway as well. If you too were planning to do the same for your next renovation project, we urge you to think differently! Give these hallway colour ideas a try and experiment with something unusual.

1. Grey-magination

Grey-magination Brilliant grey hallway walls are becoming popular and that’s why this hallway paint colour had to be the first on our list. A medium shade of grey adds depth to your small hallway and makes it look less cluttered. Plus, grey is an inviting colour that makes your guests welcomed at any hour of the day. If you have a spacious hallway, you can even opt for a darker shade of grey like Gray Flannel (2964). Make grey hallways walls a gorgeous backdrop for huge mirrors and other silver art pieces.

2. Awesome Duo-some

Awesome Duo-some Use your hallway to experiment with two complementary colours so that you can discover the best hallway paint ideas for your space. You can select any two of your favourite colours and use them strategically in the hallways. There are endless possibilities to play around with two hallway paint colours. The simplest way to use two colours is dressing the entire wall with one of the colours and painting the skirting and moulding with the second colour. Another awesome trick is trying a striped pattern on the walls. And once you have the backdrop ready, decorate the space accordingly. If you opted for wall patterns, keep the accessories to a minimum. But if you opted for plain walls with a contrasting feature wall, accessorise the hallway with open shelves to add style as well as utility.

3. Pastel Fashion

Pastel Fashion Don’t wish to go too over-the-top but still want to add a lovely dash of colour to your hallway? Pick pastels for a well-balanced hallway paint colour idea. These chalky shades of pink, blue, green, orange, and other colours are known to add a touch of brilliance to practically any room. So when you combine these adorable hallway paint colours with deep-coloured or multi-coloured antiques and objects, you can expect cosy vibes with beautiful tones in your hallway.

4. Brownie Taste

Brownie Taste Don’t refrain from trying comparatively darker hallway paint colours, especially when the colours are as rich as the shades of chocolates such as Molasses (2818) or Cinnamon Tea (2084). Get inspired by that decadent cake you recently had or the hazelnut dark chocolate ice cream you are craving for, and create some delightful hallway paint ideas. If you want to make your entryway a grand one, opt for golden accents and accessories to complement this hallway colour idea.

5. Beachside Bliss

Beachside Bliss Bring the beach home by mixing weathered coastal colours, simple yet modern wooden furniture and characterful seaside motifs for a look that will relax you as soon as you enter your house. For beach-inspired hallway paint colours, you can either choose sea green and turquoise shades like Meadow Green (2536) and French Drapes (4296) or neutral picks like beige Caramel Kiss (2753) or off-white. Choose beach-inspired large- scale artworks and motifs and hang them in your hallway for an easy way to add beachy character to your hallway.

6. Sunlit Frolic

Sunlit Frolic Usually, hallways don’t get a lot of the sun. So why not bring the sunny hue into the hallway space and liven up the passage? Yellow brings light and warmth wherever it is used. So choose your favourite tone of yellow like pastel Sunshine Smile (4022), bright Tulip Yellow (2020), or rich Cheddar (2035), and dress up the hallway walls with it. Use these walls to create a nostalgic photo wall where you can put up all your black-and-white photographs framed in jet black frames. Aren’t these hallway paint colours some real inspirations? So get started and never settle with plain white hallway walls. Experiment with different hallway paint ideas, and decorate the space well so that you can smile every time you enter your house and even when you walk out.

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