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4 Invisible Viruses at Homes and the Risks They Pose

We feel that the world outside our house is unsafe. Viruses and bacteria are present everywhere outside the homes that can make us fall sick. But it is a common misconception that you may transfer and carry disease-causing viruses and bacteria from outdoors. Sometimes, that one place you consider to be the safest may not be as safe - our home. We love being indoors to stay safe from all the negativities outside. But what if our homes contain hidden viruses that may make us sick? Unlike films of dirt, viruses and germs are invisible and cause many more problems than dirt and dust. And these may cause several basic and serious health problems like a runny nose, scratchy throat, and non-stop sneezing. You thought that the main cause for common cold and cough, runny nose, or fever is fluctuations in the weather? If yes, then you are sadly mistaken. Some of these invisible viruses and bacteria may be the reason. The Biggest Threat - Novel Coronavirus Currently, the only virus that we can think of that can make us sick is the coronavirus. Millions of people around the world have lost their lives due to this deadly virus, so there is no underestimating it. And for those who have survived, the symptoms during and after the infection have ranged from very serious to mild. Social distancing, wearing masks outside the house, altering your diet, switching to nutritious foods and beverages, and maintaining personal hygiene is one thing. Plus, you must disinfect every surface in your house because you never know where the coronavirus might be settled in your home. Focus more on the biggest surface of your home - your home walls. A larger surface means more areas that can attract viruses and bacteria. So instead of constantly cleaning your home walls, choose an antiviral paint that will keep viruses and bacteria away for months. Influenza One of the most infamous viruses that breed in Indian homes was the influenza virus (IFV) h2N2. If you fall sick too often, even after being indoors, it is because of the presence of the influenza virus inside your house. The virus leaves people of all ages miserable. The viral infection attacks your respiratory system - your nose, throat, and lungs - and also gets several other draining symptoms. Other influenza flu issues include headache, sore throat, chills and sweating, aching muscles, and high fever. Children and older adults are at high risk as they may develop complications like pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma flare-ups, and ear infections. Hence, it's crucial to disinfect all high-touch surfaces, especially home walls to eliminate this invisible virus. Paint your home walls with Nerolac Excel Virus Guard emulsion that reduces 99.99% viruses and bacteria, and also the chances of falling sick due to viruses. The paint hardly has any harmful fumes, which means you may not feel irritated because of the elements in this antimicrobial paint. Stomatitis No matter what the season is, Indian homes are often host to several viruses and germs. Even warm seasons can experience the spread of various infections and diseases. Another virus that may make humans and animals sick is the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV). The end of winters and entire summers bring the risk of stomatitis infection. Some of the major symptoms of this infection include weakness and weight loss. Subsequent symptoms are "flu-like", including severe malaise, headaches, myalgia, arthralgia, retrosternal pain, eye aches, nausea, blisters, sores, and skin sloughing in the mouth, on the tongue, on the ears. Apart from the high-touch points in your home, VSV may be present on your home walls. So along with cleaning all usual spots, you must sanitise your home walls too. You can paint them with Nerolac Excel Virus Guard paint that will help you reduce viruses and germs along with providing a rich European finish in your home, thanks to its Japanese Shiquy Technology. As per the JIS Z 2801 standard, it is efficient at reducing viruses and bacteria that cause even the most basic fever and runny nose. There are a lot of other viruses and germs that may put your and your loved ones' health at risk. Viruses and bacteria have a lot in common, but each type has its own style, too. As mentioned before, you must not only focus on sanitising high-touch surfaces of your home but disinfect walls too. Kids touch these walls to lean or draw on them. And older adults touch home walls all the time. If you have senior citizens and kids in your family, you must choose a good antibacterial paint for home, like Nerolac Excel Virus Guard Interior Paint, India’s First Anti-Viral Paint that fights all kinds of invisible viruses. It’s Japanese Shiquy Technology reduced viruses, germs and bacterial by 99.9%. This paint comes with a unique fabric finish that gives your home a European look. With this antiviral paint, you can live inside your house without worries and feel safe no matter the situation outside your home. Whatsapp ‘virusguard’ to 70450 60000 to know more.


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April 14, 2021

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