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4 Must Try Colour Combinations That Will Give Modern Look to Your Kitchen

4 Must Try Colour Combinations That Will Give Modern Look to Your Kitchen

There is one place in your house that needs more attention than it does. We are talking about your kitchen. An all-white kitchen is the tale of the past. When you know all amazing things start or revolve around your kitchen, you need to make sure you enjoy spending your time there.

When it comes to selecting your favourite kitchen colour ideas, we have a list of four combinations that make kitchens of any size, modern and elegant.

1. Earthy Neutrals

Earthy Neutrals

Some of the best modern kitchen colour ideas come directly from nature. So look around you, get inspired, and bring home the alluring tones you see around you. Use the sun-kissed beauty, embrace earthy browns, or create a canvas with grassy greens. Pair either of these three colours inspired by the natural elements with off-white or beige, and a stunning kitchen colour scheme.

2. Cool Blue Sophistication

Cool Blue Sophistication

Bring on the fresh, beach vibes with a flushed blue-and-white kitchen colour combination. Hues like Precious Paraiba (4306), Blue Bench (4264), and Peaceful Night (2361) are perfect to create modern and serene kitchen colour ideas. All these colours on the smaller portions of your kitchen walls and let everything else be white or almost white. Get blue cutlery and kitchen electronics to complement the space.

3. Bolden Beauty

Bolden Beauty

You must know by now that colours affect your productivity, mood, and emotions. So, you must pick uplifting kitchen paint colours that increase your output and spark creativity. Try some deep-coloured hues like ruby, brown, or gold. Dress up the largest part of your kitchen walls with a deep kitchen wall colour, and add a pinch of contrast on the smaller parts like half walls, door frames, and ceiling.

4. All Those Greys and Blacks

All Those Greys and Blacks

How can you talk about modern kitchen colour designs and miss out on those amazing shades of greys? Dark greys and almost blacks, when paired with whites and off-whites, create outstanding kitchen colour combinations. All you have to do is pick the tone of your choice, throw in a bit of white, select the best-suiting colour and finish for kitchen furnishings, and enjoy the view every time you step into your kitchen.

Apart from enhancing the appearance of your kitchen, it is important that your kitchen feels fresh and safe. Nerolac Excel Virus Guard helps control odour and its unique CO2 absorption properties keep the air clean while giving your walls a modern fabric finish. It’s formulated using Japenese Shiqui technology which reduces viruses and bacteria by 99.9%.

Now you can enjoy your cooking sessions in a kitchen that not only looks elegant but also feels fresh and safe.

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