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Do Paints Protect You From Viruses?

COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives. 91% of households are washing hands more often, and 41% of the same have bought new hygiene products like sanitisers, hand washes, and toilet cleaners. But as we all know, it is not enough to just wash your hands every hour. Microbes like viruses, germs, and bacteria can stay active on the surfaces around your house for hours, and even days in some cases. You thought you are unsafe just outdoors? Think again! Frequently-touched spots like doorknobs, plumbing fixtures, doors, and even walls are a host to several invisible bacteria and viruses. These bacteria and viruses are the causes of various health issues, right from common cold and fever to serious diseases. Kids come in contact with the walls while playing or drawing. It is very easy for the germs to transfer onto their bodies. And while playing or eating, these germs may get into their mouths and systems, making them sick. Likewise, older adults take the support of walls while walking and get bacteria and viruses on their body parts. In order to keep kids, older adults, and even pregnant women safe, you must take the necessary measures. After all, these people are more at a higher risk of falling sick often. The solution to this is to use antiviral emulsion paints that reduce such viruses and bacteria effectively. You might think, “Is there something like antibacterial and antiviral paint?” Hello, Nerolac Excel Virus Guard! What is Nerolac Excel Virus Guard? Nerolac Excel Virus Guard is an interior emulsion paint developed with Japanese Shiquy Technology that reduces viruses and bacteria by 99.99%. You might ask, “Does Nerolac Excel Virus Guard really reduce viruses and bacteria?” Yes! Our paint does reduce viruses and bacteria by 99.99%. Let’s tell you how. How is it Possible? You must be wondering, “How is this possible?” Here’s the answer. Viruses have an outer covering made up of protein, which acts as a shell that protects it. The shell also gives it the ability to latch on to human cells. This shell gets destroyed when it is exposed to our antiviral emulsion paint. Once the cover is broken, the virus can no longer survive, and it eventually dies. So, once you apply Nerolac Excel Virus Guard, you no longer have to worry about disinfecting the same surfaces again and again. Not only does the paint remove viruses but also suppresses the growth of viruses. Since it is formulated as per the JIS Z 2801 standard, it is efficient at reducing viruses and bacteria that cause even the most basic fever and runny nose. If you don’t believe us, you can ask for a turmeric test kit as well. All you have to do is add some turmeric to the paint sheet painted with Nerolac Excel Virus Guard that comes in the kit. The sheet will turn red. When the sheet turns red, it means the emulsion paint has antibacterial or antiviral properties, just like soaps or sanitisers. What makes Nerolac Virus Guard Special? Our Nerolac Excel Virus Guard emulsion paint comes with a unique fabric finish, enriched with polymers, which gives it a premium European feel and look. Apart from the premium fabric finish, Nerolac Excel Virus Guard absorbs any foul smell in your home. It also helps control the indoor humidity. With controlled moisture, you don't have to worry about mould and fungus growing on your walls either. It is an all-in-one package for the beauty of your house and the safety of your loved ones. So to answer the question - yes, the Nerolac Excel Virus Guard paint protects you from viruses. All you now need to do is get your home painted with Nerolac Excel Virus Guard, for the safety of your loved ones. Whatsapp ‘virusguard’ to 70450 60000 to know more


Amazing article sir. I have been following you from the past 6 months. Thank you so much. You can visit our blog also.

April 15, 2021

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