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How To Design The Living Room With The Blend Of The Traditional And Modern Way

In India, most of us have three generations living in the same residence; grandparents, parents and children. While grandparents would love to have a traditional feel at home, children want to have a modern ambience. Thus, it is best to bring in the perfect blend of traditional and modern style in your home so everyone is happy. How do you do it perfectly - that’s where the trick lies. You want to strike the right balance between the two and make everything look amazing. Here are some ways you can blend and combine both styles in your living room. Modern Walls With Traditional Furniture Modern Walls With Traditional Furniture Modern walls are more about soft tones of colours that do not have too much going on on the walls. You can opt for soft shades like Jasmine White (W-111) or Face Powder (2184) or even stick to the original white shade. When you use this style, you can bring in all your traditional interior items and place them around to give your living room the splash of colour it needs. In short, you go modern on the walls and let the traditional ambience flow with your furniture and fixtures. Textured Walls with Classic Decor Textured Walls with Classic Decor Textured walls can be a part of both; traditional and modern styles since both have been in trend for a long time. You can either pick one massive wall for texture or focus it on the side pillars of the structure. Classic decor is the essence of our Indian vibe. If you choose to go for textured walls, ensure to keep your furniture modern with subtle colour and opt for strategically placing the movables around. If you like the extra drama, this style is for you. Touch of Traditional Colours Touch of Traditional Colours Brown, green, saffron, red are some of the Indian traditional colours that we can use to integrate into our living room. If you like deeper and darker colours, you can use this way to blend both styles in your room. Paint your walls with shades like Redwood (2812), Old Spice (2145) or Sanctuary (4421). Match these paints with alternative traditional colour furniture and movables. You can also combine your curtains with these shades to enhance the deep, dark modern, and classic vibe. Let One Style Dominate Let One Style Dominate Traditional and modern styles both have a dramatic effect. If we blend both together equally, the living room may look too much to bear with. Let one style dominate, i.e., use one type for your walls and furniture and then for minimal like movables and interior decor items, use another style. Pick a technique based on the feel of your home and what suits best to give the living room a perfect look. For instance, you can go subtle on the walls and maintain that for the colour of your sofa, too, while having movables in traditional brown and gold colours and vice versa to enhance the blend of the living room. No matter how forward we have come, our heart is always rooted in our traditional culture. Even as you bring change and move towards modern style, you can infuse that classic feel in several ways in your home. To get the right shade for your wall to complete any of the above looks, you can visit Nerolac’s Colour My Space application. Preview different colours in the living room at the tip of your fingers to make the perfect choice for your room. Furthermore, for assistance, feel free to get in touch with us.

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