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5 Shades of Blue to Bring About Tranquility in Your Home Decor

5 Shades of Blue to Bring About Tranquility in Your Home Decor

Colours are an essential part of our life. Imagine a world devoid of color. It’s practically unimaginable right? Well, colours have the power to affect our moods, eating habits, and even who we date. This is why, some people choose their house paint colour very carefully.

As per a survey conducted by YouGov, blue is the most popular colour in 10 countries across four continents including China. You are probably not surprised by the results because you too have a couple of colour shades of blue in your wardrobe or on walls in your home. The colour blue is associated with feelings of tranquility, and serenity. When used in homes it is known to give the viewer a reassuring effect. Let’s take a look at some tones of blue to bring about tranquility in your home:

Bottle Blue

When bottle blue or any other tone of blue is paired with black, it can give depth to your home decor. The neutrality of black gives a new definition to the blue colour. Blue as a house paint colour can add a sense of calm in your home. Combine it with black to make the combo look classy and luxurious.

Deep Turquoise

Turquoise is a combination of blue and green. Both are common colours found in nature. The sky and seas are blue, whereas the vegetation is majorly green. Turquoise can therefore give you an environment that conveys peace and tranquility along with added freshness when associated with a large incidence of natural light

Denim Blue

The combination of off-white and denim blue will work very well in a bedroom. If it is a kid’s bedroom, you can opt for bright yellow along with denim blue to bring vibrancy in the room. The mixture of these two colours works as an extra animation in the environment, making it more relaxed and fun.

Blue Sapphire

Lighten up your home environment with colour shades of blue sapphire with white or off-white. This can work well in those parts of the house where you want more light. This color combination guarantees a light environment that brings in a sense of tranquility and calm to those at home. Opr for this colour combination where there is a lot of natural light, maybe in a room that has a large window.

Rainstorm blue

Combine rainstorm blue with red to bring a renewed sense of balance in your home. Blue is known to be a cold colour, whereas red is on the other end of the spectrum and is known as a hot color. The presence of blue and red can evoke feelings of harmony and strength. Be mindful to not overdo the red, maintaining balance between the two shades is key.

While these were just a few shades of blue, we provide a wide variety of blue tones to our customers. And, our consultants can help you pick the right colour shades for your home. Reach out to us today to colour your home intelligently

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