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Welcome Ganesha to A Decked Up Room with These Home Decor Tips

India is a ‘dharmic’ or religious country where every festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. With commencement of Ganesh Chaturthi and welcoming of Lord Ganesha into your abode requires lots of preparations and effort. Homeowners start planning and shopping a month or two in advance. But, when it comes to home decor and home painting, how would you deck up your rooms? One way to go about it is by adding a series of festive accessories such as door hangings, lamps, wall art, etc. The other way is to start from scratch and get your rooms painted. Read on to explore the best home decor tips to welcome Lord Ganesha to your home. Prepare to Shine Up Your Abode Start with cleaning your home. After all, you cannot bring Ganesha in a messy and unclean place. Whether it is getting rid of unwanted things or refurbishing your home, you need to inspect and get it cleaned for the festivities. This will not only brighten up your home but also rid your abode of all negative energies. If need be, work on the interiors, as well as the exterior of your home. You are welcoming God, so, no stone should be left unturned while preparing for his homecoming. Consider repainting if required If you haven’t gotten your home painted for a while, then there is a high chance that there are places in your house that need repainting. Over a period of time, wall paints tend to chip off or fade. Giving your rooms a fresh coat of paint will give it a new lease of life. It will spruce up your rooms and make it look like it is brand new. You can opt for pastel shades or bright colours such as red, light yellow, blue, etc. Opt for wall painting patterns If you choose to go all out with your painting project, then you could consider painting just one wall using various patterns or textures. We provide a wide range of options to choose from for an interesting and aesthetically appealing wall paint design. Wall paint textures can instantly revive the look of your room and make it festive ready. Some of the common textures to choose from are mosaic, rustic, and floral to name a few. You should ideally consult with your home painting expert to find out what suits best for your home. Apart from painting, you can also use Ganesha themed accessories to decorate your home. Get interesting wall art stickers, table lamps, door hangings, and cushion covers to completely deck up your home for the festival. We hope these preparations don’t just prepare your home but also hearts to welcome the coming of Lord Ganesha into your lives.

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