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Prepping Your Home for Diwali? Give Your Home an Ethnic Touch with These Tips

Prepping Your Home for Diwali? Give Your Home an Ethnic Touch with These Tips

With Diwali round the corner, most people have started prepping their home for the festival of lights. This festival is by far the grandest and most anticipated event of the year. Be it home painting, cleaning or even shopping, people go the extra mile to give their homes an ethnic touch. Are you, too, in the same phase? If yes, then here are a few tips to get your home Diwali ready.

Add a touch of ethnicity to your walls

Painting is something most of us do. This Diwali, break free from the regular vanilla look and give your walls a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint. Getting textured paints on a feature wall of your room can really add to the ‘wow factor’ of your home. There are different types of texture designs for you to choose from. Some of them are checkerboard pattern, metallic finish, diamond pattern, and velvety texture. You could also consider using vibrant colours like mandarin, fruity orange and berry crush.

Brighten up your floors

Your floors are perhaps the most ignored aspect of your home. You can make use of this opportunity to spruce up your floors. How? Try investing in an ethnic carpet, for example. Popular colours in this regard include navy blue, maroon, and gold. You can also consider intricate designs in these colours to brighten up your flooring.

Have fun with pillows

Your choice of pillows and the way you choose to arrange them can make your sofa look a lot different. Bright coloured pillows can make your room look vibrant and lively. Contrast the colour of your cushions with the colour of your sofa. For example, if you have a beige coloured sofa, then try and have bright fuschia coloured pillows on them.

Make DIY decorations

Quite often, it’s a lot more fun to decorate your home with DIY decorations as opposed to market-bought ones. You can include the entire family in the process of creating these DIY artifacts for your house. Paint diyas, make wall hangings and candles. Make the most of your creativity and repurpose your existing decorations.

Get creative with lights

Use string lights along the doors and windows. You can do the same with furniture as well. Another interesting way to use lights is by wrapping fairy lights with a sari or a dupatta and draping them over a wall. You can also consider making a string light chandelier.

Diwali is a time when people come together to celebrate and have a good time. In the spirit of festivities, you’re going to welcome so many guests - both family and friends - to your home. With these tips under your belt, and some tasty sweet and savoury treats, you’re bound to show them the true meaning of “atithi devo bhavo”. Here’s to a Happy Diwali!

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