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Winter Painting Trends to Beat the Chills

Winter Painting Trends to Beat the Chills

As we inch closer to the new year, the chilly winter brings with it some hot trends to end the year with a bang. Most trends are minimalistic, thanks to the huge appeal of the Scandinavian home décor look. But we see some revival of opulence and grandeur too, with luxe making a comeback. Earthy and aqua tones continue to be the paint colours of choice.

Wall Paint Colour

The Organics Trend

When the weather is cold and dry, there’s nothing that makes us feel warmer than the sensation of being close to the earth. Browns, berries, neutrals, nutty and soft clay room colours rule the roost this winter. Furniture in different shades of brown add more warmth. Alternatively, if you have used a darker house colour on the walls, white furniture gives a great contrast. Team these up with dried flowers, either hanging on the wall or in transparent vases/ bottles, to complete the organic look.

Wall Paint Colour

The New Nordic Trend

Nordic trends have been in the news for a long time. Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) and lagom are the kind of styles that just don’t go out of fashion. However, there is a bit of metamorphosis to the overall look. The New Nordic is a small step up from the bare minimum style trend of lagom. While still nestled in the minimal décor philosophy, this trend brings a hint of elegance to the wider aesthetic look. Some are even calling this umage (pronounced “oo-may”), which means “to take a little more effort” in Danish.

Wall Paint Colour

The Luxe Trend

Winter trends tend to revolve around cheering up the home. What better way to make this happen than to bring a dollop of grandeur with rich house colours! However, minimalism is still in, so you have to maintain the right balance. Think rose coloured walls with minimalistic light fixtures. Rich jewel tones in furnishings, velvet upholstery, and marble flooring complete the luxe look. Don’t forget to choose luxury interior paint colours to make the right impression with your walls.

Wall Paint Colour

The Dark Kitchen Trend

The dark kitchen is usually a summer/ spring trend. But with a small twist, it becomes a perfect winter trend. Instead of painting the walls in black or dark paint colours, use a mix of gray and earthy tones.

Wall Paint Colour

The Wabi Sabi Trend

The Japanese wabi sabi look is all about imperfections in life and nature. The key is to leave behind symmetry and sameness. For example, getting furniture that doesn’t match in design or colour, handmade home décor items, crumpled linen, rust-coloured ageing objects, copper utensils, dry flowers (it’s no coincidence that you are seeing this appear again; dry flowers are trending this season), and hand-textured room colours. Or choose paint colours that are dark or earthy, with textured or bamboo curtains. Green and blue room colours can also be used to bring the vibes of nature into your home.

Wall Paint Colour

Whatever style you choose for your home, remember to have fun with it. ‘Tis the season of celebration, after all! With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, all these looks will make for good excuses to call your friends and family over for house parties. Call the home painting experts to make these trends come to life in your home.

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