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How to Pick the Right Exterior Paint for Your Home to Enhance Its Grandeur This Festive Season

Exterior home paint is like the second skin of your home. It protects your home from external pressures to ensure the structural safety of your home. With the advent of the festive season, it’s time to adorn your home with attractive colours, lightings, and paints. Most people use this time to get their homes whitewashed, and repainted. This also helps in maximizing your curb appeal, making your home seem all the more welcoming. So, it makes sense to proactively decide on which colours to opt for to ensure your house stands out this festive season. But should colours be the sole focus of selecting your paint? Apart from the colours, here are a few other things you ought to consider while selecting your exterior house paint. Opt for a paint with rain guard We live in a tropical country where almost every state receives rain for at least four months a year. And you certainly need an exterior home paint that can withstand all the rain and storm and still maintain its external beauty. Nerolac offers an interesting range of c. It offers high performance and unmatched protection to exterior walls against regular problems like algae growth, external dampness, and cracks. Consider purchasing an anti-peel paint Imagine you get your house painted and it starts peeling off within a period of four to five months! You can avoid this by opting for Nerolac’s Excel Anti-Peel paints. It is a premium water-based paint that is long-lasting and is based on 100% acrylic resin to give your walls a tough and flexible film. This range of paints is resistant to dirt, peeling and algae growth. It has a nice sheen finish to it and is highly durable. Look for long-lasting paint Exterior home paints are usually a long-term investment. People get their homes painted and then don’t really bother doing it for the next couple of years. So, while you plan for the long-term, you might as well opt for a durable paint. Nerolac’s Excel Everlast is a product that is known to be resistant to dirt and external environmental conditions. You can consult with your home painting expert to know more about these long-lasting paints. Select a colour scheme that signifies magnificence People get their homes painted because they want to give it a new lease of life. Certain colour schemes are apt for this purpose. Colours like mustard yellow, brown, and honeysuckle white can add a sense of magnificence to your home. You can brighten up the look by opting for other colours like yellow, cinnamon, and white. The ideal way to go about choosing your exterior home paint colours is by listing down the qualities you want in the home paint and then making an informed decision. Have fun selecting!

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