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Nerolac Perma NoDamp Warranty Guidelines

Nerolac Perma NoDamp is a high strength fiber reinforced elastomeric waterproof coating for terrace and exterior surfaces. It gives unparalleled protection to terrace and exterior walls not only against dampness and plaster cracks but against temperature as well.

*Please note: The warranty on waterproofing (external water ingress) is for a period of upto six (6) years or upto eight (8) years depending upon the number of coats applied as per the specified method of product application. Please note that this warranty is subject to the terms & conditions mentioned herein

Nerolac Perma NoDamp offers up to 8 years of waterproofing and film integrity warranty.

Film integrity is the qualitative property of a coating .A coating with good film integrity indicates to be free of defects like cracking ,flaking , formation of efflorescence or a lack of uniformity. It is used as an indicator of the protective characteristics for the substrate and expected to protect the substrate from damaging effects of rain, sunlight, wind, heat & cold, humidity and effect of Carbon Dioxide in various combinations and cycles and still retain its strength and aesthetic qualities.

Commencement and Duration
Terms and Conditions

The warranty shall apply where:

Application Process

The warranty shall only be applicable only if all the below mentioned points are fulfilled/followed :


The company's liability will reduce over the warranty period according to following scale based on when the Nerolac Perma NoDamp system failure happens

Waterproofing & Durability Warranty:

The company will be liable for the replacement cost of only the product required to set right the area of product failure only, at the time of the lodgment of claim. This is the date whenever the customer experiences any issue under the warranty period (issue only covered under the warranty).

The customer will be liable for the all the balance costs including labor, which are not company's obligations, as indicated above.

The company will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damages to the customer. The customer's exclusive and sole remedy under this warranty shall be as mentioned here in this clause.

Claims and Benefits

Any claim made in terms of this warranty shall be made within 30 days of the consumer discovering any defect, damage or failure which gives rise to a claim.