Healthy Home Paints

In the case of decorative products, KNPL has been promoting the health impacts of paint in the market. This is to make customers aware of precautionary measures to be taken while choosing and applying paint. KNPL has pioneered the “Healthy Home Paints” concept. It has voluntarily removed heavy metals like lead from its formulation to make products eco-friendly. This is in line with the regulation on lead restriction by the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF). It mandates paint manufacturers to restrict lead in all decorative products within 90 ppm, with effect from 1st November 2017.

The company is fully compliant to this regulation because of various measures proactively taken before time. It’s also moving its industrial products to medium solids from low solids, to give benefit in terms of VOC reduction and solvent losses during application.


The company continues its research & development activities, to develop and introduce sustainable products and solutions to the delight of its customers. Details of innovative products are published as part of the Business Responsibility Report (BRR).

For product information and labeling, we are complying with Legal Metrology (Packaging) Rules, 2011. Other than the basic requirements stipulated in these rules, we also provide the following product-related information to our customers:

Content, with regard to substances that might produce environmental/social impacts

Safe use of product    

Environmental/social impact of product

Painting A Clean Image

KNPL follows guidelines provided by “The Advertising Standard Council of India” for its marketing communications voluntarily.

In the case of industrial products, Material Safety Data sheets are provided to industrial paint customers on demand. All finished products are appropriately labeled with health and safety precautionary information, and its disposal methods as per applicable norms in India.

To track customer satisfaction KNPL conducts a feedback survey. It helps to understand the customer needs and expectations, and is conducted by an external agency.

The company’s Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) score has been steadily improving. Improved customer service and satisfaction is also evident from our sustained leadership in the industrial coating segment.

KNPL, with due focus, ensures strict compliance with legislations related to product formulations and sale of banned products in the Indian context. In the last financial year, there have not been any complaints regarding breach of customer privacy or loss of customer data.