Healthy Home Paints

Augmentation of our environment-conscious “Healthy Home Paints” positioning through our comprehensive range of 100% Heavy Metal Free by Design and Low VOC products that offer total painting solutions to consumers across price points. Launch of new technology-based, cost-friendly products in the Decorative market.


KNPL remains committed to provide upgrades and to be the first to upgrade customers to the latest technological products using the vast knowledge of various lines. Continued focus on pioneering innovative, revolutionary and globally best-in-class products in diverse market segments, enabling dramatic improvements across key parameters of finish quality, reduced cost of ownership, consumption, baking time, and environment-friendliness. Details of innovative products are published as part of the Business Responsibility Report (BRR).

To steer its strong focus on innovation for catering to new customer needs and markets, KNPL is also continuously enhancing its Research and Development Capabilities. During FY 2018-19, the Company operationalized its newly established world-class R&D facility at Vashi, Navi Mumbai, thus further scaling its innovation edge. Its new plants and R&D facilities will help the Company strengthen its capability to innovate and serve its customers better.

For product information and labeling, we ensure compliance with the Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules. Apart from the basic requirements stipulated in these rules, we also provide the following product related information:

Content, with regard to substances that might produce environmental/social impacts

Safe use of product    

Environmental/social impact of product

Painting A Clean Image

KNPL follows guidelines provided by “The Advertising Standard Council of India” for its marketing communications voluntarily. We adopt the best and most ethical advertising practices to promote the market image of our products. We engage only reputed advertising agencies that are members of “The Advertising Standard Council of India” (ASCI) and strictly follow guidelines provided by ASCI for our marketing communications voluntarily.

In the case of industrial products, Material Safety Data sheets are provided to industrial paint customers on demand. All finished products are appropriately labeled with health and safety precautionary information, and its disposal methods as per applicable norms in India.

To track customer satisfaction KNPL conducts a feedback survey. It helps to understand the customer needs and expectations, and is conducted by an external agency.

The company’s Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) score has been steadily improving. Improved customer service and satisfaction is also evident from our sustained leadership in the industrial coating segment.

*Customer satisfaction survey will be conducted in H1 of FY 21-22

KNPL, with due focus, ensures strict compliance with legislations related to product formulations and sale of banned products in the Indian context. There are no cases filed by any stakeholder against the Company regarding unfair trade practices, irresponsible advertising and/or anti-competitive behaviour during the last five years and pending as at the end of FY 2019-20.

Also, in the last financial year, there have not been any complaints regarding breach of customer privacy or loss of customer data.