Material Aspects Materiality and Scope for KNPL
Economic Aspects
Economic performance Strong economic performance Performance necessary for an organization to be sustainable.
Market Presence KNPL caters to its valued customers through its distribution network of depots and dealers across INDIA.
Contribution to local areas and communities through employment is an important aspect. KNPL contributes to local employment in a market wherever it operates.

Employment is generated directly such as at manufacturing sites. depots or indirectly for sourcing of various materials or services from local market.
Indirect Economic activity KNPL addresses this material aspect activity through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.
Procurement practices KNPL tries to procure its raw materials practices from local vendors to the extent possible. However, certain ingredients are imported to fulfill specific Quality/specification and Safety requirements.
Environmental Aspects

Environmental performance is an important component of triple bottom line performance. It is necessary for an organization to reduce the environmental impact of its operation through efficient manufacturing processes and by adopting cleaner technologies. It is the need of the hour to efficiently use natural resources like water and materials efficiently, while reducing waste, emissions and effluents. KNPL has always been keen on the development of eco-friendly products and technologies to help reduce their impact during paint application.

Effluents and Waste
Products and Services KNPL has always been keen on leveraging its technological edge to develop innovative products and technologies to reduce environmental footprint during the application phase.
Being the leader in industrial coatings, it has developed products which are made of concern-free ingredients and are low in energy consumption during application.
It has differentiated its decorative products as Healthy Home Paints.
Supplier Assessment for Labour Practices and Environment Supplier assessment and due diligence is an important aspect of sustainability. KNPL exercises it through supplier audits on various aspects such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certifications and statutory compliance amongst others.
Material Aspects Related to Labour Practices
Employment Employees are an important asset to the organization.
Diversity and Equal Opportunity KNPL is an equal opportunity employer.
Labour/ Management Relations

KNPL is committed to conducting its activities in such a way so as to take the foremost account of the Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S) of its employees and all the individuals working at its plants.

Occupational Health and Safety
Training and Education Training and Education of the workforce is necessary to upgrade the skills of employees working in various functions.
It helps the organization to be competitive through enhanced employee participation and engagement.
Human Rights KNPL complies with all applicable regulations and standards with respect to human rights.
Material Aspects Related to Society - Local Community In today's era it is important to be a good corporate citizen and neighbour, in order to maintain a social license to operate.
KNPL has a policy to guide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in areas around its operational sites.
The manufacturing locations and corporate office drives plan CSR programs in the scheduled quarter by involving external agencies or on their own.
Anti-Corruption KNPL has a well-established code of conduct and whistle-blower mechanism to address corruption-related risks.
Material Aspects Related to Product Responsibility
Marketing Communications

KNPL complies with all applicable regulations with respect to marketing communications, labelling and customer privacy. It also tries to promote the healthier and safer nature of its products through packaging labels.

Product and Service Labelling
Customer Privacy KNPL maintains customer privacy in terms of sharing and publishing of customer details.
Customer Health and Safety KNPL products have gained popularity as Healthy Home Paints in the market. It has pioneered and introduced low-VOC paints with no added lead in Indian markets.