Coil Coatings


Earlier coils used to be supplied bare, and after processes (like stamping, profiling, moulding and assembly) OEMs used to paint the structure. This is being replaced with the value added process. Precoated coils are directly used in many of the applications which ranges from white goods to roofing solution. This is a vertical shift in the manufacturing industry.

Kansai Nerolac Paints being a leader in industrial paints, have excelled in OEM based business segment. KNPL has developed expertise in all the Painting Solutions and Application Processes followed into the market and is capable of catering fluctuating demands effectively.

Product Information


Product Categories

  • Poly Urethane Primer
  • Epoxy Primer
  • Polyester Primer
  • PVDF Primer
  • ROHS White Primer
  • Polyester Top Coat
  • Silicon Modified Polyester Top Coat
  • Super Durable Top Coat
  • PVDF Top Coat
  • ROHS Compliance Top Coat
  • Wrinkle Finish
  • Wood Finish
  • Texture Finish
  • Polyester Back Coat
  • Silicon Modified Polyester Back Coat
  • PVDF Back Coat
  • Epoxy Back Coat
  • Modified Epoxy Back Coat
  • ROHS Compliance Back Coat
  • Epoxy Clear Coat
  • Polyester Clear Coat
  • Poly Urethane Clear Coat
  • Universal Thinner
  • PVDF Thinner



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