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Simple Ideas to Beautify Your Bedroom

‘There is only one thing people like that is good for them; a good night’s sleep’. - Edgar Watson Howe. A comfortable and functional bedroom is essential for a sound slumber. The bedroom décor can help set the right mood and create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that can reduce stress levels and promotes restful sleep.Use our handy guide to create the dreamiest of bedroom décor, for a restful night’s sleep and eye-catching interior design. Setting the Right Tone When it comes to the bedroom, choosing a colour that sets a comfortable atmosphere, promotes relaxation, and sleep is essential to set the right tone for the space. Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing bold colours like yellow and tangerine for bedroom walls, which promote energy rather than elevate stress. Our suggestion is selecting a wall colour design for bedrooms that is soothing and cool for a cosy and stress-relieving ambience, such as Cool Blue, Lilac, or pastel shades such as a Minty Green or Pale pink Soften the Feel The cold hard walls of a bedroom can often make the room feel bare and utilitarian. However, adding the comfort of plush and cosy pillows and duvets can make the bedroom feel soft and inviting for the weary bones. The colour and patterns of the duvet sets, curtains and bedsheets also make an impact on the appearance and feel of the décor. Moreover, the cushions, duvets, draperies and even floor rugs can all be a great way of adding accent colours into the bedroom décor, along with the much-needed softness. Textile wall texture designs for the bedroom can also be used to soften the hard appearance of the room, into a velvety relaxing atmosphere . Fashion a Feature Wall Usually, the wall behind the headboard is often left bare, creating a void and incomplete feel. This wall can attract the attention of the onlooker when adorned with well-selected wall colour designs for bedrooms. You can also choose to accentuate the feature wall by adding wall texture designs for the bedroom When using texture paint designs for the bedroom, you can add an element of depth and comfort into the slumber space. A highly popular wall texture for the bedroom is using metallic gold texture paint designs that are accentuated by wooden furnishing and metallic accessories for a sophisticated and luxurious impression. Accessorize A rattan basket, plush cushions, well-chosen paintings, flower arrangements and candles are few of the best choices to add interest and beauty to your bedroom décor. You can also use the chosen accessories to add a pop of colour or accent into the colour scheme, thus, adding to the interest and beauty of the bedroom. A well-decorated bedroom is a perfect blend of flawlessly chosen wall colours, plush duvets, well-placed accessories and the right amount of texture. Simple elements can go a long way in making a bedroom beautiful and restful, to ensure your sanctuary rejuvenates your body, mind and soul. . ‘My bedroom is my sanctuary. It is like a refuge, and it is where I do a fair amount of designing - at least conceptually, if not literally’. Vera Wang.

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