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Your Checklist to Create the Perfect Ambiance for The Perfect Date

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s about time you started planning something fascinating for your significant other. Do something unusual this time. Something like redoing your bedroom and planning a memorable date in there! All you have to do is…. Work on the Bedroom Bedrooms are magical! This part of your house is where you and your partner are the most expressive. So start adding a romantic touch to your room. You can go the traditional way and paint your walls with Valentine's home colour shades, something like Nerolac’s Grenadine (2188), Crazy In Love (4125), or Adventure (2189). The right colour palette can be a great catalyst to intensify your feelings. Use some alluring red roses and candles to amplify the sensuality. Although rose petals on the bed with red and white balloons close to the floor sound clichéd, they will never fail to amaze your partner. Refresh the Accessories When redoing your bedroom for a romantic Valentine's Day date, focus on the minutest of things. Renew the finishes of your wooden cabinets, window frames, bed rails, and doors with Nerolac’s Wood Paint range. Add zing and lustre to the metallic body of your lamps, table lamps, metallic bed frame, and everything metallic in your room. Nerolac’s Metallic Range offers countless colours to choose from, which means you can create a perfect bedroom setting with a complementing colour palette for your walls. When painting those metallic surfaces and accessories, don’t forget to coat them with Red Oxide Metal Primer first for excellent adhesion of metallic paints. Focus on Lighting When creating a passionate ambiance for your darling, overlooking lightings can be a serious mistake. Lights in your bedroom don't only add aesthetic value to the space but also enhance the mood when used smartly. Trust us, you don't want bad lights to kill the mood on that special day. So throw some fairy lights over the headboard of your bed for instantly adding a touch of romance and elegance. Investing in a classy, gorgeous chandelier or lamps for your bedroom, too, is a lovely idea. If you have opted for Nerolac's Masterpiece Whites for your bedroom, have more warm-coloured bulbs and lamps to light up the mood. But if you have red home colour, opt for dim and whiter lights to create a perfect ambiance. All said and done, make sure you end the night with a delectable dinner date in your room. Or maybe switch to softer lights and enjoy a lovely dance with some romantic music on. Ditch the Cliches For people who aren’t into reds and roses and candles, there are countless other colours to choose and ambiance enhancers to pick. Talking about colours first, move away from clichéd colour palette of reds and pinks and embrace rich and vibrant home colours. Colours like French Drapes (4296), China Jade (4352), and Cheddar (2035) can make their way to your bedroom walls. Or play with bolder colours to create patterns on your room walls - something like a velvet pattern with Green Rage (2643) and Plum Passion (4577) home colours. You can even use the “invert colour” technique and leave those charming reds and pinks for your home accessories. Paint your walls with almost whites or one of the Masterpiece White home colours, and place contrasting-coloured furniture, accessories, decorative, and other elements. Think of a room that has walls painted in and has furniture and wall designs in the combination of reds and blacks. The image in the mind itself is bedazzling. While creating the right setting in your bedroom, don't miss out on buying an exceptional gift for your love and preparing one of the best Valentine's Day dish. All these things together are bound to leave your better half spellbound. Happy Valentine's Day!

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