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Auto Refinish Paints

Retan PG Hybrid Eco HS System

To realize “High quality”, “Environmental friendly” and “High productivity” for supporting all BP customer’s business as paint maker.

Product Features

  • Upgraded hiding power and spray workability
  • Achieved to reduce number of coats
  • Achieved to reduce spray working time
  • Achieved to reduce paint consumption volume
  • Achieved to reduce VOC emission
  • IPC Technology (Isocyanate Permeation & Crosslinking)
    • New IPC technology gives good adhesion between 1K basecoat (PGHB ECO)and 2K clearcoat (HS CLEAR series)
    • Isocyanate (poly isocyanate) gradually penetrate into basecoat layer when basecoat and clearcoat are under wet condition
  • Hyper Dispersion Technology (to meet with OEM color trend, such as high sharpness and
  • High transparency)
  • L BINDER provides good hiding power (replaced by ground coat)
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