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Interior Wall Paints

Discover the perfect match for your home right here.

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We at Nerolac offer a wide range of home interior colour combinations products, all classified under three distinct categories: Premium Range, Luxury Range, and Popular Range.



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  • Luxury Range
  • Popular Range
  • Premium Range
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  • Tile on tile application
  • Can Be Used in Wet Areas
  • Easy to Apply
  • Strong Adhesion-Bond
  • Water Proofing
  • Pore blocking technology
  • Resist up to 4 Bars negative hydrostatic pressure
  • High moisture resistance up to 70%
  • Efflorescence resistance mechanism
  • 3 years of Waterproofing
Beauty Silver

Beauty Silver


A High-quality water based, matt finish paint for beautifying and protecting interior walls.

  • Ease of Application
  • Economical Product with Optimum Performance
  • Smooth & pleasing Matt Finish
Beauty Gold

Beauty Gold


Nerolac Beauty GOLD is a specially formulated emulsion paint based on a durable copolymer resin, high opacity, micronised pigments, and additives to give better, beautifying and stain resistance properties.

  • Excellent Application Properties
  • Economical & Durable
  • Faster Drying
Pearl Lustre Finish - Solvent Based

Pearl Lustre Finish - Solvent Based

PearlsLustre Finish

A special paint for interior use, developed incorporating selected opacifying pigments in a specially formulated medium.

  • Silky Finish with Pearly Sheen
  • Excellent Stain Resistance
  • High Washability
Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable

Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable


Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable paint has a soft sheen finish, with excellent stain-cleanability at an affordable price.

  • Luxurious, Smooth Finish
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Soft Sheen
Nerolac Beauty Sheen

Nerolac Beauty Sheen


Nerolac Beauty Sheen is a value for money emulsion with excellent sheen finish, good coverage and durability.

  • Good Sheen
Nerolac Beauty Ceiling Emulsion

Nerolac Beauty Ceiling Emulsion

Beauty Ceiling Emulsion

Nerolac Beauty Ceiling Emulsion is formulated with specially modified silicon acrylic binder to give excellent whiteness and spatter resistance. Excellent hiding and smooth finish of this white ceiling paint helps to hide minor surface imperfections. It dries quickly to eye soothing matt finish.

  • Excellent Whiteness
  • Excellent Brightness
  • Smooth Matt Finish

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Nerolac Home Interior Colours

Whether you want to transform your home’s interiors with exquisite, elegant wall designs or shifting to a new home, no matter the reason, our team of expert professionals at Nerolac will provide the best home interior colour design and decoration service, anytime, when you want us to be at your doorstep.

Unlike the various other painting service providers, we at Nerolac ensure seamless communication and consultation on budget, tools, and colours. Our experts will give you all the information you need to be transparent about the whole service.

Give us a call to connect with our interior designer and wall paint experts today!

Best Interior Walls Paint Colour Combination For Your Home

If you wish to reshape the design and revamp the energy of the house, use our radiant and incredible interior walls paint colour combinations. Explore our wide range of shades, colours, and textures to provide an exceptional style and elevate your home’s aesthetics.

Our interior wall paint colour combinations are the best choice that can easily suit your needs. We ensure the most amazing and unique artwork inspirations and provide the best colours that can match well with your interior walls.

Interior Painting Tips and Tricks

Our interior paint experts leverage the industry-leading techniques and the most advanced cutting edge technology to protect your home from dust and ensure to complete the painting service as soon as possible.

However, things can go wrong when you’re not cautious during the project. Keep a tab on our tips and tricks for interior wall painting to save time and money in many ways.

Interior Wall Painting Design for Bedroom Room, Hall, and Kitchen

Do you know that colours in the room have a psychological impact on the human mind? It significantly impacts your well-being and mood. Typically, the colour scheme of every room must be distinct from one another. The interior colour design of all the rooms must resemble the room’s mood or ambiance.

Get the best interior wall painting designs for bedroom, hall, and kitchen from us. Visit the site to select colours and designs that can decorate the room’s size while making it more comforting.



Wood is an excellent material for home décor, but it requires periodic maintenance to keep its natural look. Wood paint is the best way to protect…



A quick, easy and affordable way to turn any of your home decoration projects into a masterpiece with our metallic paint colours. Strong, durable and…



Discover the perfect match for your home right here.







What are the different types of interior wall paints offered by Nerolac?
Which are the most popular interior wall paint colours in India?
Pastel colours, orange and white, and blue and yellow are the most popular interior wall paint colours in India.
Are Nerolac interior wall paints washable?
Yes, many of the Nerolac interior wall paints are washable. For instance, the Beauty Gold Washable paint is one of their best washable paints that ensures easy cleaning of even the toughest wall-stains.
What type of interior wall paint should I use for textured walls?
When it comes to textured walls, you should use a primer. Also, you can use a latex or oil-based paint that’s glossy and exquisite enough to highlight the wall texture’s details.
How do you choose the right interior paint for your walls?

To choose the best interior paint for your walls, consider the following:

  • Pick a colour scheme that aligns with your home’s decor and furniture.
  • Choose rich creme or matte finish for a visually appealing effect.
  • Pick a colour that matches the vibe of your room.
What to Consider When Choosing an interior wall paint Finish?
The most crucial thing to consider when choosing an interior wall paint finish is the volume of traffic your room endures. Durable finishes like semi-gloss and satin are ideal for busy places at the house like playrooms and kitchens, whereas flat paints are ideal for the calmer rooms.
Which interior wall paint Colour Combination is best for a Hall/Living Room?
A pastel shade colour combination (teak or pastel green with white) is the best interior wall paint colour combination for a hall or living room.
Which interior wall paint Colour Combination is best for Bedroom?

Some of the interior wall paint colour combination that are best suited for bedrooms are:

  • Brown and cream
  • Indigo and white
  • Shades of grey
  • Pastel blue and radiant yellow
What is the best colour combination for an office interior wall?

The best colour combination for an office interior wall is a rich, dark shade of blue. However, you also choose shades like Prussian blue, Cerulean blue, or navy blue.

What are the latest colour trends in Interior Wall Painting?

The latest colour trends in interior wall painting are:

  • Pantone: Very peri
  • Earthy shades for a sustainable appeal
  • A Fresh Green
  • Rejuvenating colours like Peach, Powder Blue, and Olive
Which Interior Wall Paint Colours can make your room look bigger?

Some of the interior wall paint colour combination that are best suited for bedrooms are:

  • Dark Blue and Pale Blue
  • Soft, light shade of black
  • Cool grey shade
  • Light green shade

Explore Nerolac’s colour catalogue to find out more about these shades of colour.

Which Interior Wall Paint Colours are Best for Childrens Bedrooms?
Butter yellow, light pink, blue are some of the best colour schemes when it comes to your kid’s rooms. You can try out Nerolac Beauty Little Master for a more enhanced and amplified outlook of your kids’s rooms interior design.
What is the best interior house painting tip?
Rolling the paint in zigzag patterns and starting near the edge is the best thing to do. Other than that, purchasing a high-quality paint is also essential. Trying out Nerolac’s interior paints would be the right thing to do.
What are important things to look for when buying interior paint?
Quality, texture, and the finish of the paint are some of the most crucial pointers. However, if you wish to have the best of all the parameters, Nerolac’s new range of interior paints would be the best.
Where can I get the best assistance for my interior painting work?
Nerolac has some of the best solutions when it comes to getting assistance for your interior painting. You can visit our site and check out the online catalogue for complete services.

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