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Creative Wall Painting Design & Room Paint Designs Ideas for Your Home

Creative Wall Painting Design & Room Paint Designs Ideas for Your Home

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12 Latest Wall Painting Design Ideas for Your Home

Discover the trendiest wall painting designs from our experts.

When you walk into a home, the first thing you notice is the large expanse of walls and its colour. Your walls are an open canvas when it comes to setting the mood for your living space. Homeowners often spend their time handpicking various wall painting designs that can match their lifestyle, their persona and their aspirations.

We’re here to help you navigate through the limitless landscape of wall painting design ideas where colours, textures, latest trends and creativity take the centre stage. Whether it’s a simple two-colour combination or an accent wall, wall paint designs have the power to restore a space, bring it alive and add character to your decor.

Wall painting designs add depth to your space giving it a stylish edge above the basics. We have curated a list of 12 latest wall paint designs for your living room, bedroom, and other preferences.

Wall Painting Design Ideas for Your Living Room

  1. Wall Painting Design Ideas - Vibrant Geometric Lines (Abstract)

    Vibrant Geometric Lines (Abstract) wall paint design
    Vibrant Geometric Lines (Abstract) wall paint design

    Abstract lines and geometrical colour blocks are a raging trend in 2023. To have a statement geometric wall paint design in your living room exude a vibrant personality, is an idea straight out of the design books. Use your wall as a piece of decor by transforming it into a lively piece, almost like a wall painting with abstract art.

    Pro tip: Bright geometric accent wall designs are perfect for family rooms since they represent fun, energy and positivity.

    Suited for: Small living rooms, dining rooms, balcony areas

    Characteristics: Chic, lively, energetic

  2. Wall Painting Design Ideas - Ombre

    Ombre Colour wall paint design
    Ombre Colour wall paint design

    Sunsets, purple skies, waves or champagne - ombre colours are great wall paint design ideas that give a gradient look to an otherwise simple wall. Ombre designs are a subtle touch of elegance to painted walls. You can either choose complementary colours, light shades or bold shades for the gradient design on your wall, depending on the decor, furnishings and the layout of your space.

    You can either go for a classic sunset ombre for your walls to appear like the setting sun or for a turquoise ocean expanse where your walls exude an underwater vibe. Another great idea is to have a circular or diamond shape adorn a bare wall and paint it in a gradient hue from within. Either way, ombre is a great wall paint design idea to stay creative and subtle at the same time.

    Suited for: Living rooms and bedrooms, ceilings with designer fans, wall-unit backdrops

    Characteristics: Elegant, subtle, sophisticated

  3. Wall Painting Design Ideas - Textured walls (Fabric Walls)

    Textured walls (Fabric Walls) wall paint design
    Textured walls (Fabric Walls) wall paint design

    Textured walls are the talk of the town. With the kind of variety, it offers in shades, finishes and application, it is the perfect wall paint design choice for modern homes. The best part about textured walls is it gives you a fabric like finish that can add depth and character to your traditionally painted walls. A common trend is to paint your ceilings in textures, giving it a distinguishing factor with ceiling accessories and designer fans.

    Textured walls are a perfect wall paint design outlet for those looking to ignite creativity, contemporary art and modern living in their spaces. Gone are the days where traditional paints would do the job. It is the era of creativity and modern art and textured walls with a fabric-like finish give you just that in your interiors.

    Suited for: Living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, ceilings etc.

    Characteristics: Creative, Thought-provoking, Contemporary, Vibrant

  4. Wall Painting Design Ideas - Accent Walls

    Accent Walls wall paint design
    Accent Walls wall paint design

    What is an accent wall? An accent wall is essentially a wall that stands apart from the rest of the walls in the surroundings, for its unique characteristics, shades or design. It is made to make a statement, almost acting like a decor accent to the room it is in. Accent walls are one of the latest wall painting designs in the industry. With accent walls, you can experiment with subtle designs, patterns, colour combinations or abstract lines to spruce up your room. It subtly adds dimension, character and depth to your interiors without shaking the balance of your decor.

    Pro-tip: Accent walls go by the traditional accent rule i.e 60-30-10, where 60% is the dominant colour, 30% is the secondary colour or decor and 10% is for the accent colour/wall.

    Suited for: Living rooms, bedrooms, office spaces, kids’ rooms etc.

    Characteristics: Unique, trendy, personalised, creative

Wall Paint Design Ideas for your Bedroom

  1. Wall Painting Design Ideas – Murals

    Murals wall paint design
    Murals wall paint design

    Murals are a subset of accent walls. Murals generally are customised designs through paint for a single wall that matches the scheme of the room. Traditionally, murals were hand painted as a symbol of art. However, now most modern wall paint designs have stencils to replicate mural walls. Acrylic paints work best for bright murals since they are vivid, opaque, water and light resistant.

    Murals can range from small patterns to a dominant design on a bare wall or simple colour blocking as well. Make sure your mural is in harmony with other colours in the room since it will be the focal point.

    Suited for: Bedrooms, personal libraries/office spaces, kids room, common room

    Characteristics: Highly personalised, inspirational, creative, energetic

  2. Wall Painting Design Ideas - Honeycomb walls

    Honeycomb Walls wall paint design
    Honeycomb Walls wall paint design

    The Honeycomb wall paint design has become a common ask from most homeowners. This trend has hit the market and can be replicated and personalized in many ways. This hexagonal shaped accent that is placed on walls has become a subtle way to add a design element to bare walls sitting in personal spaces. The perfect characteristic about this wall paint design idea is that it can don various gradient shades, colour combinations or any hue of your choice.

    It is also one of the magazined DIY trend that people are following lately. This design not only adds a subtle funk to the room but also differentiates in terms of design and sleekness. If it is for your kids’ room, play with vibrant colours. However, for bedroom spaces, make sure you complement the room colour scheme and play it subtle.

    Suited for: Kids bedrooms, master bedrooms, personal spaces, dining rooms

    Characteristics: Funky, energetic, sophisticated, sleek and minimal

  3. Wall Painting Design Ideas - Vertical Colour Blocking

    Vertical colour blocking is a modern way of creatively leveraging colour combinations to add dimension to your rooms. This wall paint design can be done in many ways and the focal point happens to be the hues chosen. Giving a very New-Yorker vibe, vertical divides or colour blocking give you the liberty to play with two to three tones of colours on your walls.

    When it comes to vertical colour blocking, you can experiment with shapes, lines, stripes and more to add a design element to your space. Vertical stripes work well in kid’s rooms whereas abstract vertical lines go well in a contemporary bedroom.

    Suited for: Master bedrooms, balconies, wall units, kids rooms

    Characteristics: Minimal, vivid, unique

  4. Wall Painting Design Ideas - Grunge in Abstract

    Grunge in Abstract wall paint design
    Grunge in Abstract wall paint design

    A subset of textured walls, grunge walls usually aim at fighting away the traditional paint design by being slightly textured to add character to the room. Grunge walls are usually dull colours like grey, beiges, black, browns in abstract textures. If you want your bedroom to have a slight touch of design without shifting focus from other decor elements, then the grunge wall paint design idea is yours.

    Grunge walls are edgy, minimal and creative and can be experimented with colours too. The best part is grunge wall paint designs have no rules. You can even give a nice watercolour effect to your walls using this design idea in your bedroom.

    Suited for: Bedrooms, balconies, bathroom mirror walls

    Characteristics: Edgy, creative, modern, abstract

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Creative Simple Wall Painting Design Ideas

  1. Wall Painting Design Ideas - Solid Colour Block

    Solid Colour Block wall paint design
    Solid Colour Block wall paint design

    If you don’t want to go wild with textures, accent walls or other wall paint designs, a simple way to distinguish your room decor is to opt for a solid colour block that is either in contrast or in harmony with your colour scheme. A solid colour block in complementary colours or darker/lighter shades of the same scheme can work very well as a simple wall paint design idea. A bold green amidst grey or beige walls or a subtle pink amidst cream walls can make a strong statement and stand out as a design element too, in your bedroom.

    Suited for: Bedrooms, ceilings, kitchens

    Characteristics: Minimal, dominant, bold

  2. Wall Painting Design Ideas - Same shade contrast

    Same Shade Contrast wall paint design
    Same Shade Contrast wall paint design

    Imagine an abstract shape on a bare wall, all in hues of green - where they shape has two-toned greens and the backdrop has a mint green to support elements. Same shade contrasts have a way to add dimension to walls and your bedroom space. It is a common wall paint design idea in 2023 and is recommended by most interior designers and decorators. Choosing different shades of the same colour for different walls or the same wall also is a wall paint design choice you can make.

    Bedroom walls allow you to be personal and creative. Same shade contrasts tread the line between creative and subtle, by experimenting with shades but staying true to the primary colour.

    Suited for: Small bedrooms, cosy bedrooms

    Characteristics: Smart design, dimensional, minimal, sophisticated

Stylish Wall Painting Design Ideas

  1. Wall Painting Design Ideas - The Faux Brick Wall

    Faux Brick wall paint design
    Faux Brick wall paint design

    The faux brick wall is an accent wall that many people are undertaking for their home improvement projects instead of actual brick walls. From beige bricks to the traditional reds, the faux brick wall accents are perfect for a living room backdrop behind a bar/crockery set up or for a wall unit.

    The modern styles are to use greys or beiges. The traditional wall paint design colours for faux brick walls are rusted reds, browns and blacks. You can use the faux brick wall for pillars as well.

    Suited for: Living rooms, faux fireplaces, wall units, bar places etc.

    Characteristics: Contemporary, smart design, trendy and stylish

  2. Wall Painting Design Ideas - Traditional Stencils

    Indian homes often look for rooted, traditional stencils as wall painting ideas to adorn their bare walls. Sometimes, colours don’t cut it. We need a tinge of tradition in hues of golden, orange, creams and more to represent culture. Stencils are usually used to make great wall art in modern homes and are a popular wall paint design idea.

    From beautiful flowers, butterflies to abstract designs, stencils can embellish your bare walls as accents. Golden stencil designs work well in contrast to dark shades.

    Suited for: Living rooms, sofa back drops, wall units, pooja rooms

    Characteristics: Personalized, modern, minimal yet powerful

How To Find the Right Wall Paint Design For Your Home?

  1. Add a touch of your personality. Let the design speak for you.

  2. Make sure you keep in mind the room’s layout, furniture, traffic and design

  3. Don’t forget the overall vision and vibe of your room

  4. Analyse the lighting and natural light in your room while making a decision

  5. Choose wall paint designs that you’re comfortable with

  6. Stay true to the colour scheme of the house

Whether you go for a simple wall paint design, the latest trend or a stylish pick, we’re here to guide you through it and help you make a sound decision. We hope you’ve found your pick and we wish you a happy painting journey! For more information on trending wall paint designs, click here.

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