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Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable
Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable

Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable


Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable paint has a soft sheen finish, with excellent stain-cleanability at an affordable price.

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Features & Benefits

A home is an epitome of love. Each wall of your home has a beautiful story to tell, and each story leaves its own memories. So, when the walls get stained, let the memories leave their marks. As for the stains? You do not need to worry about stains anymore with Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable – a washable paint, which ensures the toughest wall stains can be easily cleaned.

Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable is a water-based, superior interior emulsion which provides a smooth finish, rich sheen and resists fungal growth to make your walls last long and beautiful.

Technical Data

Why Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable Interior Paint?

  • Rich look

    Beauty Gold Washable paint has a luxurious and smooth finish to make your walls look rich

  • Stain-free walls

    Offers excellent stain-washability to your wall paint for years

  • High tensile strength

    Gives toughened elongation and prevents hairline cracks

  • No pathogens

    Resists fungal growth for a safer environment







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Metal Enamel Paints

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Paint Ancillary

Paint Ancillary

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What is a washable paint?
A washable paint is a paint which can be easily wiped or scrubbed to remove marks, scratches and wall stains without damaging the paint itself. So, a paint, where the wall paints do not get scrubbed off or lose their smooth sheen is washable paint. No matter the toughness of the marks, washable paints stay on.
Is washable paint good?
Washable wall paints are tougher, more durable and glossier than regular paints. As a result, they keep your walls stain-free for years to come.
Which household stains can Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable paint resist?
Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable can stand up to marks and has high stain-resistance to many tough Indian stains such as pickle, chutney, oils, haldi, tea & crayons.

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