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Floor Coatings

Product Range

NeroFlor 4000 Primer

2k Epoxy clear special primer recommended for application on concrete/steel surfaces to provide excellent bond strength adhesion, good penetration and high degree protection.

NeroFlor Epoxy Screed

Epoxy resin based Self levelling floor screed with high abrasion, mechanical, chemical resistant, compressive and flexural strength. It provides smooth protective floor and handles heavy traffic.

NeroFlor 1000 SL

Solventless Self Levelling Epoxy resin base designed to provide a heavy duty, chemical resistant and hardwearing floor finish. It provides a floor aesthetic appeal and resistant to mechanical & chemical loading with high compressive and flexural strength.

NeroFlor PU Coat

Polyurethane resin base floor coatings in aromatic as well as aliphatic to give the best abrasion and chemical resistant coatings. Aliphatic Polyurethane gives excellent colour , gloss retention properties. It’s available in ma_ and glossy finish. Also had very good scratch and stain resistant property.

NeroFlor EPU SL

EPU is a solvent free self levelling epoxy polyurethane base resin floor finish. Its provides excellent adhesion over primed surfaces & having excellent abrasion and chemical resistant for interior applications.

NeroFlor PU Clear

2k Polyurethane resin aliphatic clear coating for additional protection and act as a sealer coat with high mechanical strength with good flexibility.

NeroFlor ESD SL

Solvent less, self-levelling epoxy resin based electro-statically conductive floor designed for applications in areas wherein a static conductive or static dissipative floor is required as a measure to control static electricity

NeroFlor CarPark

High performance, High duty coating system designed to handle heavy traffic at exposed atmospheric conditions. It enhances the rich appeal to the floor, easy to clean dust free, seamless floor.

NeroFlor CRF

Solvent less Self levelling Epoxy resin base floor topping specially designed for applications suited to have chemical resistant on the floor at chemical corrosive environment.

NeroFlor PU Concrete

Water based acrylic antifungal, antibacterial polyurethane Primer & Finish coating paint system for application on walls. Specially designed for interior wall coatings at pharma, hospitals, Cleanroom and laboratories

NeroFlor Wall Coat

It’s based on a unique chemistry where urethane and cement are fused to form a coating that is resistant to thermal shocks, aggressive chemicals, impact loads and vehicular traffic. It’s seamless, hygienic and does not support bacterial growth. High abrasion resistance High impact and chemical resistance Water-based and hence VOC Compliant

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