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 What Colours Match with Yellow? 10 Beautiful Colour Combinations with Yellow for Home

What Colours Match with Yellow? 10 Beautiful Colour Combinations with Yellow for Home


    Yellow is a colour associated with warmth, sunshine, uplifted spirits, and the brightness and excitement of newness. There’s never a dull moment with this colour as it infuses a dash of happiness, even if it is used to paint a small portion of the home.

    Yellow is a colour that is a true companion to natural light. It transforms itself when illuminated by the rays of the sun and this further enhances the creativity of home decorators. Even with the use of light play indoors, the sunny shade works matches well.

    These factors enable a variety of hues to make beautiful colour combinations with yellow. You will find that shades from both warm and cool colour palettes partner perfectly with yellow to brighten up the living space. Bedrooms for all age groups, walls in the living room, playrooms for kids, and studies will all benefit with the incorporation of yellow in their design.

    Want to know what colours match with yellow? Here is a list if of 10 beautiful colour combinations with yellow.

    1. Maize Yellow and Moss Green

    Maize Yellow and Moss Green colour combination for your Home

    Various shades of yellow and green work together wonderfully. Both have stark personas and it is important to combine them tactfully. Moss green makes for a great colour combination with maize yellow in a living room. Choose the shade of yellow for a textured wall and then place a piece of furniture, like a cabinet or a small chest of drawers painted in moss green to get the desired effect.

    2. True Yellow and Light Purple

    Colour combination with True Yellow and Light Purple for your Home

    This quirky combination of true yellow and light purple works best for a small bedroom. While yellow is a warm colour and purple from the cool colour family, this duo spruces up the space with a sprightly vibe. You needn’t paint an entire wall with either of the shades as they are quite bold. Instead, choose a design that works with painting the furniture of the area.

    3. Yellow and Jet Black

    Yellow and Jet Black colour combination for your Home

    Yellow and jet black are colours that work well for a bathroom, pool house or kitchen space. As this combination creates a stark statement, it is best kept for a small portion of the house as in this, less is more. The effervescence of yellow will really come through against the starkness of jet black. This colour combination is very practical as black surfaces are easily cleaned and do not stain.

    4. Ochre Yellow and Slate Grey

    Colour combination with Ochre Yellow and Slate Grey for your Home

    When thinking of what colours to match with yellow, slate grey should be on the top of your mind. When paired with a duller version of yellow like ochre, it creates a space that boasts modernity and sleek aesthetic attraction. Use this colour combination for a living room or study, and fill it up with plants and tonnes of artwork to create a stylish ambience: one that will be evergreen for years to come.

    5. Mustard Yellow and Hot Pink

    Mustard Yellow and Hot Pink colour combination for your Home

    Hot pink makes an unlikely and yet attractive colour combination with yellow. This duo creates a throwback effect, hearkening back to the ‘70s. If you are a lover of vintage décor, choose this combination to brighten up your bathroom or kitchen. Choose a muted shade of yellow like mustard to complement the energetic vibe of hot pink.

    6. Sunny Yellow and Sky Blue

    Colour combination with Sunny Yellow and Sky Blue for your Home

    The playful colour combination of sunny yellow and light blue creates a picture-perfect study for creative people or play area for kids. Both colours come together beautifully to produce an effect of a happy and creative environment. Even on a slow day, spending some time in this room will be a balm for a downtrodden spirit. Let this colour combination of warm and cool colours be a catalyst for joy.

    7. Yellow and Grey Accents

    Yellow and Grey Accents colour combination for your Home

    The muteness of grey, in itself a strong style statement, offers designers the perfect backdrop to bring to light, quite literally, the sunny nature of yellow. Go bold with the brightest shade of yellow that you want and use it for furniture and quirky décor inputs like carved shelves. Pair this colour with accented grey walls that just enhance the stylish element of a living room.

    8. Beige, Blue and Mustard

    Colour combination with Beige, Blue and Mustard for your Home

    When thinking of colour combinations, why settle for just two? Add one more to the mix for that extra dose of fun. Choose to complement mustard yellow with blue and beige for a space like a kitchen. The combination of bright and neutral shades will liven up the space and also provide an inviting atmosphere for all your culinary escapades.

    9. Yellow and Apple Red

    Yellow and Apple Red colour combination for your Home

    Here’s a hot take: quite literally since both these shades are top contenders of the warm colour palette. Best suited to large bedrooms, yellow and apple red are stimulating colours that are perfect for those who like to change the décor of their home every few years. When thinking of what colour goes best with yellow, apple red doesn’t come to mind at first, but using it proves to be creatively rewarding.

    10. Yellow and Lavender

    Colour combination with Yellow and Lavender for your Home

    Lavender as a colour matches wonderfully with yellow to create the feeling that one is in the midst of nature or walking through a meadow. This colour combination is accentuated in a living room, dining room or any other large space of the home that has access to tonnes of natural light. Only larger spaces will do justice to this colour scheme that needs a vast canvas to shine to its true potential.

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