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11 Trending Living Room Colour Combinations with Images

11 Trending Living Room Colour Combinations with Images

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From two-toned living room combinations to neutrals on neutrals - we have it all for you.

When you step into your abode, the first glance happens to be the living room. It is often the embodiment of your lifestyle, your design and your persona. The living room is the face of your home and is key to setting the tone for the rest of your space. Paint helps define the moods, the tones and the design vision your living room is meant to exhibit. For every mood and vision, there’s a colour palette waiting. Most homeowners spend the majority of their time defining this, and we are here to simplify this process for you.

With expert picks, trends that define 2023 and beautiful combinations that optimize your space, we have curated the following palettes for you:

Trending Room Colour Combinations for your Living Room

  1. Living Room Colour Combinations - Green and White

    Green and white living room colour combination

    Greens have become a homeowner favourite in recent years. Deeper greens add a moody tone to walls and pair perfectly with white furnishings and fittings. Whites add the vibrancy to the moody green, balancing the warmth and the coolness of the palette. Emerald Green and Crystal White have been a popular colour combination for modern homes. Shades of green range from mint to forest green; making it the perfect cozy living room that represents a touch of contemporary thinking too. A mint green ceiling with white adjacents can also be a lovely choice for modern, open homes. Here are a few shades for you to choose from:

    Hues of green and white have become one of the most coveted living room colour combinations for modern homes. The beauty of lighter greens is that the hue changes with the way the light falls.

  2. Living Room Colour Combinations - Classic Pink and Neutrals

    Classic pink and neutrals living room colour combination

    Hues of pink paired smartly with neutrals and the right accents make for a perfect, chic living room. With living rooms that have a lot of incoming light, this is the colour combination to opt for. The soft hues of pink add character to the room, while timeless neutral tones play with the bones of the room and sleek furnishings. Pinks have a friendly and welcoming nature whereas neutrals like grey, beige or whites are more grounded in its living room appeal. Here are a few classic combinations you can go for, as per expert choices:

    Millennial pink has been an urban favourite in homeowner books, and dusky pink with greys has been a bold choice in contemporary houses.

  3. Living Room Colour Combinations - Royal Violets and Grey

    Royal violets and grey living room colour combination

    Make way for dusky living rooms and warmer tones. 2023 has opened an array of warm tone trends, and royal purple with greys has been the most sought after. It is eclectic and the misty tones go well with dark, walnut coloured furniture. Eggshell finished purple walls are just the way to go for a romantic and tranquil living room. This colour combination exudes luxury and elegance. If you like what you read, here are a few colour palettes to play with:

    Living room colour combinations like these are perfect for bachelor pads or new couples since it emits a romantic yet grunge-ish charm.

  4. Living Room Colour Combinations - Neutrals on Neutrals

    Neutrals on neutrals: Classic living room colour combination

    A picturesque backdrop for modern spaces, neutrals on neutrals provide an enriching, clean finish to living rooms. This timeless colour combination is a safe choice for most homeowners. For a welcome yet warm living space, creams, greys, dusty pastels do the trick most of the time with smart furniture pairings. The trick with neutral spaces is to play with vibrant accents, especially pop colours. Here are a few colour combinations for you to choose from that have stood the test of time:

    From shades of black and white, to taupe, camel, and beige - neutrals make living rooms cozier and anything but drab, if paired perfectly with modern furniture.

  5. Living Room Colour Combinations - Blue and Earthy Grey

    Blue and earthy grey living room colour combination

    With steel greys and blues, welcome your guests to a grunge fantasy. Borrowing moods from English weather, blue and earth grey colour combinations have a way to make your living room look minimal and elegant, without the frills. Classy, chic, modern - if this is what you want, this is your colour combination for years to come, since it’s timeless. This is a mid-century idea blended with a modern blue tone. If you have sleek white goods and furniture, this is the colour combination meant for you. Here are a few hues you can choose from:

    Who said darker tones cannot provide tranquillity? 2023’s Earthy blues and greys say it all.

  6. Living Room Colour Combinations - Warm Tone with Mustard

    Warm tone with mustard living room colour combination

    Indian homeowners have been warming up to yellow and its hues lately. We love earthy, vibrant tones that represent the exuberance our culture stands for. Yellows with vibrant or warmer tones are the kind of colour combinations to go for to have a peppy yet welcoming living room. Here are a few inspiring living room colour combinations for your home:

    If your personality is all the adjectives that yellow holds, then we are looking at the ideal colour combinations for your living room.

  7. Living Room Colour Combinations - Red and Black

    Red and black living room colour combination

    Bold colours go well together and set a nice, pensive mood in your living room. Straight out of a Cosmo magazine, this colour combination is termed as experimentative but is one of the trending schemes of 2023. The beauty of red and black together is that you can choose the ratio of both the colours to suit the design and layout of your room. Small touches of red with black expanses work well for larger, emptier living rooms whereas red with a balance of black work well with statement walls and cosier living rooms. A balance of white furnishings and decor to tone down the visual brightness of this combination will go a long way. Here are a few bold combinations for you:

  8. Living Room Colour Combinations - Grey and Turquoise

    Grey and turquoise living room colour combination

    Whether it’s turquoise velvet settees, or a grey backdrop with turquoise on the false ceiling, this carefully chosen colour combination is meant to make your living room appear eloquent. For a cozy living room, turquoise adds just the vibrancy you need and grey in the background manages the tranquil mood. Grey is still timeless, but turquoise manages to add a bit of fun to spaces. Here are a few living room colour combinations to choose from:

    When thinking of colour combinations, why settle for just two? Add one more to the mix for that extra dose of fun. Choose to complement mustard yellow with blue and beige for a space like a kitchen. The combination of bright and neutral shades will liven up the space and also provide an inviting atmosphere for all your culinary escapades.

  9. Living Room Colour Combinations - Orange and Blue

    Orange and blue living room colour combination

    Opposites on the colour wheel, orange and blue colour combinations represent energy, enthusiasm and a balance of warmth. In colour psychology, this living room colour combination gives you the right balance of playfulness and serenity. The way you furnish your room and use decor to your advantage will define the kind of living room character it is. Here are a few colour combinations for you to choose from:

  10. Living Room Colour Combinations - Black and Wooden Brown

    Black and wooden brown living room colour combination

    Charcoal and rustic brown tones are a heavenly living room combination for sleek and modern spaces. This gives your living room a subtle dash of beguiling charisma. When the earthy tones of brown marry the peaceful hues of charcoal, the living room does justice to the word ‘humble abode’. Venture into deeper grays or caramelized shades of browns, but this colour combination stays true to the phrase ‘less is more’. Here are a few colour combinations our experts have put together:

    Black often provides a deep, calming backdrop to the lighter shades of brown as decor. This colour combination goes perfectly with modern Indian homes.

  11. Living Room Colour Combinations - Brown and Rustic Golden

    Brown and rustic golden living room colour combination

    Gold is paired perfectly well with deep, warm tones of brown, giving it a cosy and earthy feel. Living rooms that have rustic furniture or a mid-century touch can have this colour combination as an ideal backdrop. If you want your living room to appear lighter, a cream tone on furnishings and decor would work well with the hues of brown. Shades of brown like tan, caramel, chocolate, tawny go well with creams and goldens. Here are a few top picks from our experts:

    This colour combination may appear heavy on the eyes, but if paired well with artefacts, furniture and decor, it can work wonders for a cozy, contemporary living room. Pro tip: Add some greens for the coolness.

    The best colour combinations for your living room are often found keeping three things in mind: The space, the design and your personality. For more on how to seamlessly navigate topics around home improvements, click on the below links:

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