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Texture Wall Design for Wall Painting

Texture Wall Design for Wall Painting


9 Texture Wall Designs For Your Walls

Texture wall designs are augmenting the home decor landscape by giving spaces everything from colour, design and vibrancy to depth and dimension. We often believe a coat of paint can refresh the space or add life to surroundings, but we must not stop at that. Texture wall designs are rich and can compliment your decor while adding an elegant finish to your space. Textures and texture paint designs are one notch above regular paints and their effects. Let us first understand the core meaning of textures. Textures are the feel, the finishing and the consistency of a fabric, wall or any other surface. Textures often add depth and design to any surface. Just how textured fabrics are prominent with the fashion conscious, texture paint designs and texture wall designs are also a popular choice in the home paint design landscape.

What are texture wall designs?

Texture Wall Designs can range from actual textured surfaces like marble, wood, matte-finish to perceived texture paints that give the illusion of texture. In the world of texture paint designs, there are wallpapers and texture paints to achieve the desired effects.

Wall Texture Paint Designs - Why is it different?

  • Texture wall designs instantly add depth, design and dimension - 3 D’s of home design to your room
  • A flat surface or a dull space can be transformed with just a single texture paint design
  • Homeowners that like to keep it subtle have the option of choosing minimal and soothing textures that differentiate yet blend in with decor
  • Textured walls can also hide imperfections of your existing walls
  • Texture wall designs add a unique sense of style and a statement to your space

What are the types of texture in wall designs?

  • Tactile texture design: Texture that can be physically felt on walls and is three dimensional. Examples: Popcorn texture
  • Visual texture design: Texture that creates a visual illusion of it being three dimensional but in reality, it is two dimensional. A flat surface is recreated in this technique. Examples: Wallpapers, optical illusion paint designs
  • Artificial texture: Artificial texture is finishes that are created by painting professionals or interior designers. Examples: Matte effect, eggshell finish, paper mache, faux brick
  • Natural texture: Like the name suggests, it takes on a natural texture without being modified. Eg: Artistic wall designs that have a marble finish, a stone finish or dried leaves.

Let us look at 9 beautiful and popular wall texture paint designs as listed by our team of experts and designers below.

Perfect wall texture paint designs for living rooms

Living rooms are the face of every home. It is essentially where we entertain guests and spend most of our time. Wall texture paint designs add character and charm to living room spaces.

Stylish texture wall designs for bedrooms

Texture wall designs are not just restricted to living room areas. Let your bedrooms enjoy a bit of depth, accents and style too.

Simple texture paint designs for kitchens

Wall texture paint designs are not just limited to bedrooms and living rooms. These texture paint designs make for great artwork and personality in the kitchen area too.

  1. Choose Faux/Non Faux Brick Walls

    Brick Texture Wall Designs

    Brick walls are classic and timeless. Without a thought, this texture wall design can add character to a bland living room. As a homeowner, brick textures give you a lot of room to experiment. If you want to go funky, you can breathe life into worn out bricks with pop colours in an all white living room. If you wish to keep it simple, you can use neutral shades and maintain the bricks’ rugged texture. However, this is applicable to actual brick textured walls. You can also venture into the world of faux textures and faux brick walls. Faux brick walls are here to give you an illusion of bricks and its texture. From neutral tones to faded lines, faux brick walls can take on many forms. Homeowners can also utilise the brick pattern and use a different paint technique like watercolours to have a unique statement wall. All in all, brick wall textures are a safe and popular option to go with for living rooms and bedrooms.

    Suited for: Rooms with all-white designs, rustic rooms, abandoned walls, wall unit backdrops

  2. Enjoy subtle sponging

    Sponging Style Texture Wall Designs

    Sponging technique is a unique texture paint design style that makes your wall look like concrete and gives an illusion of soft texture. Some homeowners like to stick to neutral tones to stay in the colour scheme of the room or blend in with the decor. Whereas some homeowners love to use unexpected colours with this subtle effect. Since the textured effect is subtle, one can experiment with a splash of pop colour like turquoise, pastel pink or greige. Along with sponging, there are few other texture paint design techniques like colour splash, ripple effect, brush weaving and more that a homeowner can use for soft wall texture designs.

    Suited for: Statement walls, Ceilings, living room pillars

  3. Adopt organised patterns with stencils

    Geometric Texture Wall Designs

    Steer clear of simple textures and plain paint - enter the world of stencils, patterns and textures. Stencilling is a technique like the usual art activity, where one pattern is repeated in an organised fashion. Textured patterns are gaining popularity, especially in Indian homes. Geometric textured pattern designs are quite the trend in 2021-22. Along with that, traditional motifs or cave painting motifs are also popular. The beauty of this texture wall design is that the patterns uplift bare walls giving a two dimensional effect and add drama to a simple room.
    Lastly, we would love to leave you with a thought of using stencil textures on ceilings as well to approach living room design or bedroom design differently

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  4. Go rustic with wood

    Wooden Texture Wall Designs

    Wooden textures can work wonders in a bedroom! Exuding a calm and soothing aura, wooden wall textures can add an element of design and character to mainstream bedroom designs. As you can see in the image, wooden textures can be used as a divide on walls, as a faux bedhead, as faux beams and more. Wooden textures can play out your creativity when it is paired with the existing decor and colour scheme of your room. Here’s some food for thought for homeowners looking to adopt wooden textures into their bedroom design:

    1. Faux wooden bed head/wooden colour blocking: Introduce a false bed head by defining it with wood and adding life to a bare wall. You can also use colour blocking techniques and add wood as accents to the wall.
    2. Wooden-textured ceilings: Ceilings can add a whole new dimension and wooden textures on your ceiling make your room appear warm and cosy.
    3. Wooden panelling: Panelling is very popular but wooden panelling and painted wooden panelling have gained prominence too, in bedroom space.
    4. Wooden accents: Don’t wish to have fully wooden walls? Make a statement with wooden accents in the form of lines, blocks or abstracts adding distinctiveness to your bare wall.

    Suited for: Bedrooms, white bedrooms, bedrooms with high ceilings, cooler toned bedrooms for contrast

  5. Embrace 3D texture wall designs

    3D Texture Wall Designs

    Three dimensional texture is a whole new ball game for texture paint designs. If there can be pop ceilings then there can be pop walls too. 3D textured walls in forms of panels, geometric shapes or abstract designs are a great way to add character and drama to your bedroom’s bare walls. Vacant walls can be turned into accent walls by adding frills to texture. Why opt for illusory textures when you can have three dimensional, unique texture paint designs? 3D panelling gives off a rich aura and makes it look carefully assembled while being completely cost effective and easy to install/execute. 3D wall textures including 3D panelling have changed the way we perceive texture paint designs.

    Suited for: Large bedrooms with balconies, bedrooms with a chosen colour scheme, bedrooms that have place for accent walls

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  6. Colour Wash Your Walls

    Colour Wash Texture Wall Designs

    Colour washing is a texture painting technique that is an old timer. It always comes back into trends because of its timelessness. It gives you a soft texture and a faux finish. Most homeowners choose a colour of their choice and colour wash their walls to add texture to it. Colour washed walls look best in bedrooms that need a pop of colour. Homeowners can even play with a gradient effect and enjoy dark to light tones on their textured walls. Colour washed texture paint designs can range from romantic colours, to deeper darker visuals in bedrooms. To go for earthy tones choose pale yellows or greige, whereas darker colours like emerald green or coral can add drama and make a statement. Your colour washed wall can give you a layered personality in whatever hue you choose.

    Suited for: Bedroom bedhead walls, ceilings, flying shelf walls, living room dining area walls

  7. Run with marble

    Marble Texture Wall Designs

    Marble textures are natural wall texture designs that most homeowners have been opting for since ages. Marble has a rich finesse and augments any wall. Nowadays, marble texture wall designs are being used smartly with other textures as well like wood or matte painted panels. Let’s look at the type of marble textures homeowners can opt for:

    1. Faux marble textures: The finish and aesthetics of the texture largely resemble real marble. However, these can be achieved by texture paint design or wallpapers.
    2. Texture clash: Pairing marble design textures with warmer textures like wood or matte-finished panels works well as it brings in the cool and warm hues.
    3. Geometric marble textures: Organised geometric patterns with marble textures are also a trendy option for kitchen walls
    4. 3D marble textures: 3D pop out walls for kitchen vacant walls are an option for eccentricity

    Suited for: Open kitchens, kitchens with wooden or warm tones

  8. Use Textured Wallpapers

    Textured Wallpaper Designs

    Anagalypta is a type of embossed wallpaper that was raised and gave off a good texture in the late 1800s. This gave rise to textured wall paint design textures differentiating it from flat, plain colours and moulding. Textured wallpapers lend a certain contrast and design to dull colour schemes, especially kitchens. Kitchens may be monochromatic, but one textured wallpaper can add dimension and drama to it.
    Textured wallpaper wall texture designs range from basic popcorn textures, decorative patterns, abstract shapes to sleek finishes, matte finishes and artificial textures. For example, a kitchen wall may give off a stone texture or a brick texture vibe, but we can attribute this visual illusion to textured wallpapers.

    Suited for: Small and cosy kitchens, kitchens with lack of design or colour scheme, L shaped kitchens

  9. Go for a Textured Paint Effect

    Textured Paint Effect For Walls

    Have you heard of textured paints? Texture paints give off a texture and a finish that is unique to normal paints. You can choose your finish and your style. From eggshell finishes to high-gloss effects, there is a lot texture paints can do for kitchen spaces and other areas in your home. While your kitchen comprises storage space, slabs and utensils, your texture painted walls can add the differentiating element.

    Suited for: Parallel kitchens, open kitchens with an extension to the living room, kitchens with chosen colour schemes

While texture wall designs are a whole new ball game for homeowners, we are here to guide you through the various styles, trends and expert tips for various sections of your space. We understand the home improvement journey and have all the steps planned out for you.

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Why are texture wall designs different from regular wall paint designs?
Texture wall designs or texture paint designs add more than just colour to your living spaces. They bring the 3D’s of home design into the picture - depth, design and dimension, adding a higher aesthetic value to your colour scheme.
What are the types of texture designs for wall painting?
The fundamental categories of textures are natural, artificial, tactile and visual. However, wall texture designs can be achieved through textured paints, wallpapers, real or natural textures (stone, marble, cement) and artificial textures. All of these comprise texture designs as a whole.
What are texture paints?
Texture paints are usually paints that have been formulated to bring out a different, coarse finish on walls. It gives a patterned effect and different finishes like eggshell, popcorn, sand effect or more as per your liking.

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