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 Fresh Paint Ideas for Dining Room

Fresh Paint Ideas for Dining Room

“Home Is Where Love Resides Memories Are Created Friends Are Always Welcome, And Laughter Never Ends” - Unknown. Dining rooms have a personality of their own, where people mingle, enjoy a meal and share some of their most intimate conversations. Based on the personality of each homeowner, a dining room can have its unique ambience and mood. It is a proven fact that nothing sets the tone of a room like the right wall paint colour. Each colour has an effect on the emotion and behaviour of the individuals in a living space. By understanding colours and their psychology, you can attain elaborate colour schemes that can either, relax, energise, or mesmerise your guests. Dinner parties need not be dull and monotonous anymore! With the touch of the right wall paints, you can spice up conversations, lift up the mood and build some much-wanted appetite in your dinner guests. Our few suggestions to create interesting dining room colour schemes include:

Neutral Basics

A relaxing dining room can simply be attained by applying neutral wall colours, such as brown, grey, white or crème onto the dining room walls. Neutral shades are timeless and highly flexible, offering you the immense creative freedom to accentuate and accessorise the neutral walls, with furnishing, fixtures, drapes and more. A muted grey that is combined with clean white trim is a simple yet elegant accompaniment to a pleasant meal.

Classic White

The white walls of a room, highlight the fresh and elegant taste of the hosts. A classic white room that is offsetting the brightness of a darker focal wall or even darker furnishing is a living room that reeks fineness. Traditional white living rooms that are made attractive with a touch of floral and pastel tones infused using accessories and accent colours is a popular wall painting idea that can be found in many home décor magazines.

Metallic Bronze

A Modern yet refined trend, where hues of bronze are incorporated on the focal wall of a dining room, make a vibrant and eye-catching paint colour scheme. Metallic paint colours give a room, an elegant and luxurious feel that can be further accentuated with darker furnishings and matte accents. The new industrial wall painting idea can be flawlessly created by you, using a rustic bronze or gold touch over textured or flat walls, accentuated with matte black fixtures and lamps.

Romantically Red

Red is a majestic colour with an air of royalty and glamour. Once the walls of your living room adorn the many shades of red, such as a dustier subdued red, or a deeper crimson over a focal wall, it lightens the mood in the room making the atmosphere lively and sociable. Red is an authoritative colour; however, when combined with the right muted neutrals, it is attractive without being overbearing.

Deep Blue

At first impulse, Blue feels wrong for the dining space. However, the right shade of blue is light and airy. Thus, blue can be a refreshing choice for a living room, when harmonising blue with furnishing and accessories of deeper hues can add richness to the wall painting. Painting the trim with an Ultra white colour can add interest and definition to the wall paint design.

Warm Sunny Glow

Sunny hues which are either a pastel shade of yellow that is subdued yet captivating or a yellow that is combined with brown, making a warm Ochre, is also a warm and interesting choice for dining room walls.

Cheerful Tangerine

Orange is a palatable and lively colour that injects instant cheer in your dining room. You can choose a muted auburn shade over a focal wall that does not overpower the living room, with neutral walls, well-contrasted with neutral or stark white furnishing for a rich and elegant finish. A dining room with a bright wall paint colour, along with coordinated black furniture and flowy white upholstery, is an alluring décor idea.

Old Gold

Dusty or Dull Gold adds the richness of yellow gold over the dining room walls for a more vintage look. A classic and elegant wall painting idea is accessorising dull gold feature walls, with distressed finish contemporary furniture, inlaid mirror on stained wood and metallic candle holder and sculptures. Dull gold is also an excellent colour for ceilings to give the room a luxurious and elegant appeal.

Minty Green

Well, there is something palatable about Mint Green that makes it a preferred wall painting choice for a dining room. A minty or pastel green living room decorated with White drapes, furnishings and even white fine china is a catalogue wall painting idea.

Dignified Monochrome

Muted Grey and white create a modern wall colour idea for dining rooms that can hardly ever go wrong. The monochromatic scheme adds a stately, and elegant feeling to the room, that is a perfect fit for casual dinners and formal lunchs. Try a twist at the monochromatic scheme, using grey as the dominant base colour, with white ceilings and crown mouldings for a crisp contrast. Our wall painting ideas cover, warm hues, like orange, red and yellow that evoke happiness, positivity and energy in a room, making conversations come alive. Cool colours including green, blue, and purple that have a calm and soothing effect. Neutral Shades such as black, grey, white, tan and brown that are perfect base colours that accentuate and amplify all emotions and colours. When choosing wall painting colours for your home, you must stay true to your personality, as wall colours play a vital role in making you feel at home, in quiet evenings and amidst loud gatherings alike.

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