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5 Steps Guide To Completely Waterproof Your Home

5 Steps Guide To Completely Waterproof Your Home

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Water see page/retention and damping is a popular and the most common problem that most people face nowadays. Poor quality waterproofing lack’s proper structure and is the crucial reason behind waterproofing solutions failing.

While the immediate result of this can be the puffiness of the walls, damping, and the paint getting peeled, all these can cause severe damage to the property if care is not taken timely.

Therefore, it is immensely important that the home waterproofing that is done is of superior quality, and you shouldn't try and save money on this.

In this article, we shall discuss with you five steps to completely waterproof your home.

Complete Guide To Waterproofing Your House

Complete Guide To Waterproofing Your House

Undoubtedly, decor and furniture are essential parts of a home. But so is house waterproofing. Waterproofing your home is equally important in enhancing your home's overall look and vibe. Let's look at the 5 steps that can follow to waterproof your home completely.

  • Waterproofing During Construction

    Waterproofing, when done at the right time during construction, can prove highly beneficial. This initial step is to use a high-quality liquid compound with sand and cement. These can be applied to all basements, pillars, roof slabs, brickworks, etc. When mixed in the right amount, it makes a strong, cohesive bond that prevents segregation.

  • Waterproofing the terrace

    Your terrace or roof needs complete attention since even a minor crack can worsen and cause water seepage, which can cause dampness. Leakage in the roof area happens in those houses which lack waterproofing at the time of construction. To waterproof your terrace, you must first be fully prepared to clean through the cracks and the leftover area.

  • Old and Damaged need Waterproofing

    When weather conditions worsen, it's best to repair the house walls as soon as possible. You can even leave it the way it is, but this will lead to damaging the property entirely and can be fatal to the property. Old and damaged plastering can lead to water seeping in and the build-up of moisture and dampness. A suitable additive or bonding agent and the most appropriate waterproofing technique are equally important.

  • Before Repairing, Waterproofing Walls

    Treating moisture built up and dampness on the house walls before you get it repainted is crucial. If you can get a professional to get the job done, nothing like it. They know the best ways to cure walls, making them ideal for painting. Also, determining the extent of dampness, whether moderate, mild, or severe, depends on the moisture meter. In mild dampness, the surface is supposed to be adequately cleaned with water and a wire brush. With less moisture build-up, only two coats of waterproofing are sufficient, and high-quality undercoating is made of emulsion and silicon. This helps the surface be resistant to salt, alkali, and water.

  • Check Walls for any Cracks or Faults

    Finally is that you must regularly keep a check on any cracks or faults in the walls of your house. Waterproofing is the best and, indeed, a great solution that helps eliminate any causes of structural damage, such as dampness. These cracks can be hazardous to the pipelines. They can burst and cause havoc. Therefore, waterproofing can be a great preventive measure to ensure the safety and protection of your home.

What are the Products Used for Waterproofing your Home?

What are the Products Used for Waterproofing your Home?

Multiple waterproofing solutions can be used to make a structure water-resistant or waterproof. It helps reduce the humidity inside the home and minimize any damages that can happen due to exposure to water. It is also an effective method for improving the life or longevity of the structure. Various waterproofing products are used in the home, such as

  • Polyurethane

    This is used in roof waterproofing and all other exposed areas. It is one of the most expensive methods in the market.

  • Grout and Epoxy

    This compound is used in the existing structures already in use and has developed faults. This chemical is injected into the walls by drilling holes to insert the material. A sealant is made, which creates a water-resistant barrier.

  • Vinyl Ester Resin

    These compounds are used for concrete surfaces, which prevent corrosion and acid damage. The resin forms a waterproof membrane that helps guard against water damage and moisture.

  • Polyurea

    This is the most flexible and resilient coating and is known for being abrasion and water-resistant. Also, it is very strong with antibacterial properties.

Things to Consider Before Waterproofing your Home

Things to Consider Before Waterproofing your Home

There are a few things to consider before waterproofing your home, such as

  • Inspection

    You must inspect the entire home for any leaks, damages, cracks, or faults. These need immediate attention and should not be ignored at any cost.

  • Check for Gadgets and Wirings

    You must inspect your home for any loose or faulty wiring. You should closely examine any water leakages or naked wires. As these can be fatal, getting them repaired should be of utmost priority. Using plastic covers to shield electrical appliances is a great way to begin.

  • Safeguarding the Outdoors

    To prevent rainwater from entering your home space, it is vital that you use the best waterproofing products and ensure that the house waterproofing is done well. Monsoons are great, but not with the outdoor furniture or other equipment getting wet. So, keep them safe.


Waterproofing a house is a great way to prevent unwanted moisture from oozing into your home wall paint. Moreover, using waterproofing solutions such as those mentioned above helps in preventing seepage, which may eventually damage the structural strength. Also, water seepage can even damage the furniture and cause wood to decay. With waterproofing, all this can be taken care of hassle-free.

Additionally, it is advised that the house be waterproofed at the initial time of construction so that the foundation gets strong. A strong foundation lays the foundation for a robust structure, increasing its value and worth in the market.

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