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12 POP Gypsum Ceiling Designs For Your Home

12 POP Gypsum Ceiling Designs For Your Home


Your home is your haven, so it must be a reflection of your heart. POP Gypsum Ceiling Design is a way to liberate your inner artist. POP Ceiling designs have multiple characteristics, just like each of your homes. An expression of your unique personal thought is what POP ceiling designs can morph into. Its versatile nature makes it one of the easiest to work with materials, while also leaving creative liberty to the homeowner.

What is POP?

What is POP?

Plaster of Paris (POP) is a building material that is created from heating gypsum. It is found in a region near Paris, France, hence the name. POP can be molded and designed in various ways including creating architectural designs, and decorative structures. POP ceiling designs also have a very classy finish

What is Gypsum?

Gypsum is a construction material used in interior design. It is the base material for all surfaces and can be used to form Plaster of Paris (POP). It is a very economic choice with regards to interior design.

Trending POP Gypsum Ceiling Designs

  1. Circular POP Gypsum Design

    Circular POP Gypsum Design

    A circular POP Ceiling Design is a very modern touch that you can add to your home. It creates a simplistic fusion between the trendy, the futuristic and the minimalistic characteristics of your home aesthetic. It sets a unique, individualistic tone to your space. Paired with neutral colour shades, this Gypsum POP Ceiling Design can renovate and modernize your living space.

  2. Victorian POP Gypsum Design

    Victorian POP Gypsum Design

    The Victorian aesthetic has been a surfer through the trends of interior design for the longest time. However, no matter how dated, this style has never failed to set the tone of a regal home. The Victorian details on gypsum for ceiling design has established its place in the various types of styles of POP Gypsum ceiling designs, as a classic. It wraps up the space in a very elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, making it the perfect fit for anyone who wishes for the vintage touch in their homes.

  3. Floral POP Gypsum Design

    Floral POP Gypsum Design

    For everyone who wishes to have a soft cottage-core aesthetic in their homes, the Floral POP Gypsum Ceiling Design is the ideal match. It is the optimal POP Ceiling Design for your living room. It adds depth and detail to your space while also maintaining the delicate, soft aesthetic in your space. A Floral POP Gypsum Design is the best choice for a POP design for your living room.

  4. Geometric POP Gypsum Design

    Geometric POP Gypsum Design

    A modern, technical design that is perfect for the futuristic minds. The Geometric POP Gypsum Ceiling design adds a rather dystopian touch to your space. The best thing about POP Gypsum Ceiling Design is that it can carve itself into anything the homeowner wants. Geometric POP Ceiling Design is a slightly edgy and modern touch to your home.

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  6. Simple POP Gypsum Design

    Simple POP Gypsum Design

    A simple POP Gypsum Design is very much the best choice for a minimalist. While being a little on the safer side in terms of exploring rather bolder choices, a simple pop ceiling design is ideal for the kitchen. It creates an easygoing vibe around the space and proves to be the catalyst for effortless conversation.

  7. Back-Lit POP Gypsum Design

    Back-Lit POP Gypsum Design

    POP Gypsum Ceiling Design is one of the more futuristic aspects of modern age interior design. A very optimal choice for this kind of style is a backlit POP Gypsum Design. The backlit pop ceiling design is a vibrant but subtle touch to your home. The back light of the Gypsum ceiling design adds the dash of colour in a neutral toned space, like a bedroom. This is the ideal voice for anyone who enjoys the softer touches of colour in their living space.

  8. Wooden Beams with POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    Wooden Beams with POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    Wooden beams are the perfect organic touch to your home. For those who want to be more one with nature, these beams with POP Gypsum Ceiling Design will add the ideal sense of nature to your home. This rustic aesthetic is more enhanced with the wooden beams as pop ceiling designs and makes your space look taller. This is the right pop gypsum ceiling design for a homeowner in touch with the natural side of their creative mind.

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  10. Curved POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    Curved POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    Curved POP Ceiling Design is the best way for a relatively narrow place to look wider. This POP Gypsum Ceiling style along with some earthy toned furniture would make for an ideal minimalistic space for every optimistic homeowner. Along with adding some texture to the space, it would also create a sense of boldness in the space it takes up.

  11. Arched POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    Arched POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    Another good way to add a regal, roman touch to your home is an arched POP Gypsum Ceiling design. With its roots set in ancient architecture, this gypsum pop design brings an abundance of elegance to your home. The vintage undertone of this aesthetic acts as a catalyst to bring in the flow of sophistication in your living space, making it perfect for areas such as the living room and the kitchen.

  12. Colour Contrasting POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    Colour Contrasting POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    Colour contrast is always the best way to make a statement. The vibrant colour stands out amongst neutral tones and marks itself as a strong conversation starter. This stunning POP Gypsum Ceiling Design is the designated head turner in any room. Its bright appearance makes it one of the best gypsum pop ceiling designs to incorporate in a modern home.

  13. Plus Minus POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    Plus Minus POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    The Plus Minus POP Gypsum ceiling design is best paired with other styles, such as victorian, floral or textured details. This design is also one of the better options to give the illusion of a larger place. Paired with the details mentioned above, it can transform itself into any aesthetic desired, and it will without a doubt garner the attention of everyone in the room. This gypsum pop design is ideally suited to places with space limitations, and to make the best of those limitations, it has been created as an adaptive gypsum ceiling design that can blend into various styles.

  14. Suspended POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    Suspended POP Gypsum Ceiling Design

    A suspended ceiling design can be styled into various of our previously mentioned POP Gypsum Ceiling designs, whether it is along with led lights, textured details, wooden beams or contrasting colour combinations, this pop gypsum ceiling design is the ideal choice for any homeowner, irrespective of the aesthetic tone in mind. Along with these styling details, the suspended POP Gypsum Ceiling design is the choice of this new day and age due to its very flexible nature and its natural ability to morph into any style the homeowner desires.

    POP Gypsum Ceiling Design is the perfect blend of age-old class styles and modern, upbeat trends. An amalgamation of these creates the sense of true reflection in a home. There are countless ways in which pop ceiling design can be used to revamp a home and pour bits and pieces of character into it. Gypsum ceiling pop is the ideal interior design step for homeowners looking for an equilibrium between the classics and the new styles.

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