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Current - 2000

Year 2010 – SRK became the brand ambassador for Nerolac 2006 – GNPL got named as Kansai Nerolac From 2004-2006, The Lote and Jainpur factories were awarded Greentech Safety Award Gold and Silver respectively. These plants were also awarded OHSAS18001 certification Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was signed as brand ambassador to focus on brand Nerolac. Initiatives taken to help underprivileged children in association with Akanksha Foundation.

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By 2000 with the acquisition of entire stake of Forbes Gokak and its associates by Kansai Paints, the company became the subsidiary of the latter in 1999. The stake of Kansai Paints in the company now stood at 64.52% of the total equity of the company. The Nerolac Jingle “Jab ghar ki raaunak badhani ho” became popular

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1990- 1981

In 1983 Nerolac launched GNP101 Auto paints in Bombay and Pune. It was launched in a range of 24 basic shades, 12 shades in metallic range and 12 shades in the vibrant range. GNPL signed a TAA with Kansai Paints Co. Ltd., of Japan in Osaka in 1986 for the manufacture of Cathodic Electrodeposition Primer and other sophisticated coatings for the automotive products. GNPL was the first company to introduce this technology in India.

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1980- 1950

In 1970, Goody, the smiling tiger was launched as the company’s mascot. In 1957, the name of the company was changed to Goodlass Nerolac Paints Pvt Ltd. This was done because it was thought appropriate to include the brand name of company’s most successful product in to the Company’s name. In 1968, the company went public and the word “Private” was dropped. In 1950’s, the company’s star product was the Anti-Gas varnish, mainly used in Defense.

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Early 1920’s

November 1930 in UK, three British companies merged to form Goodlass Wall and Lead Industries Group Ltd. It subsequently became Lead Industries Group (LIG) Ltd. In April 1933, LIG, Liverpool, England acquired the company and named it Goodlass Wall (India) Ltd.
The American Paint and Varnish Company was bought by an English concern, Allen Bros. and Co. Ltd. in the early 1920s and became the Gahagan Paint and Varnish Co Ltd.


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Our Philosophy

With a philosophy that encourages compassion and a vision that has tremendous foresight, the way ahead has been charted for success and growth. Our belief in them provides us with the firm foundation to build our business and it serves as a blueprint to guide us as we surge ahead. Kansai Paints Ltd organisation has laid out the future direction. We believe that magic happens when people come together with a shared mission, clear strategy and shared values.

We have embarked on this new journey with a new vision, mission and a new set of core values.

Vision Statement

“We design solutions that protect, inspire and touch lives everyday”.

Mission Statement

“We leverage superior technology to contribute to our Customers and Society, in a sustainable manner, with innovative Products and Services, through a competent workforce, built on a culture of Customer Focus, Integrity and Respect to our Stakeholders.”

Core Values

Our core values are a representation of an enthusiastic group of people, together around a single purpose. “icare!” defines the way we live our core values everyday

There’s no limit to the possibilities of growth and dreams at Nerolac. Everyone is encouraged to become an active participant in the company’s story with their contribution. This can be in the form of originality of thinking, practicality of execution and even just by taking the onus to see an idea through.

We believe we are as strong as our team. By creating open and lateral channels of communication within teams and between cross-functional teams, we encourage idea generation and this unhindered flow of information could be where our next big idea comes from.

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