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Care: The key to a colourful tomorrow.

Over 100 years ago, we set out with a heart to create colourful, caring spaces for countless families across India. From the very beginning, care has been central to everything we do. With a hope that someday, this care would help us walk into a bright and colourful tomorrow.

Everything we’ve been a part of, was to fulfil this purpose we hold so close to our heart. It’s the reason why we brought low VOC and lead-free paints to Indian homes. Be it Virus Guard, Eco Clean, Ultra Fresh or Top Guard, they all brought safety, breathability and beauty to your home. It means looking out of the box for solutions. When cleaning/disinfecting products were in short supply in the face of this unforgiving pandemic, we stepped forth with our own contribution: Nerolac Disinfectant HWS 256 and Nerolac Hand Sanitizer; to keep Indians protected.

Further building on our foundation of care, we birthed our new vision: Aaj Careful toh Kal Colourful. It brought forth a sense of hope that no matter the circumstances, little steps of care taken today will lead to a colourful tomorrow. It’s our new guiding light. We found the strength to wade through the tough times and towards the light of a promising future. We can’t do it without you.

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One hope. One dream. One vision.
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