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Top 13 Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls


Guide to latest bedroom colour combinations to make your bedroom beautiful

Selecting the perfect two colour combination for bedroom walls is important to get an elegant and stylish look when you are decorating your bedroom. If you are looking for ideas and inspirations, we can help you get the perfect colour scheme of your choice.

Here is a list of 13 bedroom colour combinations to beautify your bedroom walls.

Bedroom Colour Combinations

  1. Bottle Green and Ash Grey

    Bottle green and ash grey two colour combination for bedroom walls

    Bottle green and ash grey two colour combination for bedroom walls is suited best for individuals and couples who believe in minimalism. This combination speaks to the soul of a person with deep appreciation for nature. Ash grey offsets the deep baritone of bottle green to create an appealing aura and calming sensation.

    You can easily get this stylish combination by selecting the Nerolac colour shades above.

  2. Blue and Beige

    Blue and beige bedroom colours easily serve as a backdrop to your furntire and household items

    Powder blue and rustic beige provides a soothing ambience to a bedroom. Both colours are automatic backdrops for a range of furniture, art and artifacts in your house. Beige adds an earthy warmth to the sky-like hue of powder blue. Best for couples who exemplify ‘opposites attract’. You can easily get this soothing two colour combination for bedroom walls using the Nerolac colour shades above.

  3. Violet and Ivory

    Violet and ivory double colour combination sets up a stimulating environment for your bedroom walls

    Here’s something for those who love to make a statement. The beauty of ivory will prove to be the perfect partner to the gregariousness of violet. Together, they offer a stimulating environment to your space. Get this bedroom colour combination with one of Nerolac colour shades above.

  4. Peach and White

    Peach and white are one of the best bedroom colors for couples

    A simple colour scheme that combines warm and cool colours, this is a great two colour combination for bedroom walls of a young couple. These contemporary hues work perfectly for those who are just starting their life together. Use Nerolac colour shades above to easily get this calming combination for your home.

  5. Green and Sunny Yellow

    Green and sunny yellow two colour combination for bedroom walls

    For lovers of the great outdoors and those who have sunny spirits, this combination is an automatic favorite. One of the best colour combinations for bedroom for an extroverted person and works particularly well for those with a creative bent of mind. Get this effect for your bedroom walls with the Nerolac colour shades above.

  6. Chocolate Brown and Salmon Pink

    Bedroom colour combination photo of chocolate brown and salmon pink

    An unusual two colour combination for bedroom walls for those who like to do things differently and want to be inspired by their quirky surroundings daily, this palette fits the bill.

    French windows can make this space extra graceful and full-length taupe drapes will enhance the voguish look. The beauty of the combination lies in its soft yet tasteful appearance that’s hard to ignore.

    If you like to get this style for your bedroom, pick one of the Nerolac colour shades above.

  7. Lavender and Silver Grey

    Lavender and silver grey two colour combination for bedroom walls

    Few things are as glamorous as combining lavender with a metallic colour like silver. This combination gives character to the bedroom of a stylish person or high-flying couple. Another benefit of this colour scheme is that it naturally yields itself to providing a sense of finesse to the entire design of the living space in a unique way that’s bold without being flashy.

    Nerolac colour shades listed above can get you this subtle and classic look easily.

  8. Dark Orange and Denim Blue

    Dark orange and denim blue bedroom wall colour combination

    The coming together of denim blue and dark orange may sound off-beat to some but if you are entertained by the thought of giving your house interiors a unique personality of its own then this bedroom colour idea is for you.

    The gravity of blue provides a stark contrast to the energy of orange. Blue is also a cool colour that balances the warmth of orange. Together, this colour combination will bring the best of both worlds: blue to represent the oceans of the Earth and orange as a symbol of the fiery sun. Get this effect with the Nerolac colour shades above.

  9. Black Pitch and Ivory

    Dark pitch and ivory two colour combination for bedroom walls

    Black makes a bold statement but it is truly a unique option for bedrooms. Combined with ivory, this stylish two colour combination for bedroom walls is the best example of modern minimalism. Despite its uniqueness, it is a classic combination: one that promotes deep relaxation in the haven of privacy that is your bedroom.

    What adds to its mystical aura is that it is amazing when you want to incorporate other décor ideas like paintings, wall clocks, French windows, long-flowing curtains, steel furniture, marble flooring, and lights.

    Make this bold combination yours with the Nerolac colour shades above.

  10. Walnut Brown and Muted Grey

    Walnut brown and muted grey bedroom colour combinations

    The warm and earthy tone of walnut brown combined with the muted elegance of grey is perfect for those who wish to incorporate sober interiors into their most cherished living space. This palette is perfect for those who like to come back to an understated and classy living space.

    Get this elegant two colour combination for bedroom walls with the Nerolac colour shades displayed above.

  11. Yellow and Cream

    Yellow and cream bedroom colour combinations are good for kids, grown ups and couples

    The perfect yin and yang combination, simple yellow and cream encapsulate the personality of a person with varied interests. It also works for couples and teenager’s bedroom too.

    This brilliant bedroom colour combination brings together effervescence and gravity in equal measure. It is the right choice for those who want a bit of sunshine with a dollop of understated design. You could opt for the whole room to be bathed in cream with one accent wall in lemon yellow to add a burst of colour to the bedroom.

    Make sure this space has plenty of natural light pouring in to accentuate the best side of this gorgeous colour combination. Getting this subtle bedroom effect is easy, just pick one of the Nerolac colour shades above.

  12. Icy Blue and Stone Grey

    Icy blue and stone grey two colour combination for bedroom walls

    Icy blue and stone grey is an ode to the European style of contemporary interior design. There’s something minimalistic, slick and futuristic about this two colour combination for bedroom walls. Despite employing cool colours, it also works to create a warm and inviting space that you would like to retire to after a hard day’s work in your home.

    Paint your bedroom with this versatile, warm and cozy combination using the Nerolac colour shades above.

  13. Varied Greyscale

    Varied greyscale - a two colour combination for bedroom walls with a minimalist décor

    Painting your bedroom interiors in two different shades of grey is a hot trend in 2022. Suited for those who love minimalist décor. Secondly, it forms a stylish “canvas” for additional design elements.

    Employing a greyscale bedroom colour combination means a living space that is effortlessly stylish. You can choose from one textured grey wall to painting the upper and lower portions of your wall’s different shades, gradient-style.


Go ahead! Get the perfect bedroom using the trending two colour combination for bedroom walls we shared above.

Use Nerolac colour palette to visualize these bedroom colour combinations and create a colourful and beautiful bedroom of your choice.

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