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 9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022

9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022

Explore the trendiest colour combinations and ceiling designs for your home.

We often underestimate the impact of an elegant ceiling design. The fifth wall of your house is either neglected the majority of the time or is not given the attention it deserves. Ceiling designs add a towering balance of design and colour to your space. Be it your bedroom or living room, a gorgeous ceiling design can change the way a room looks completely. If you’re wondering what’s missing in your room’s design, it just might be the need for an amazing and new ceiling design. Don’t underestimate the power of false ceilings as it can add character and dimension to your space along with the perfect colour combination. Along with false ceilings, there are a variety of ways in which your ceiling can transform your room. Our experts have curated a list of 9 beautiful ceiling designs navigating the important rooms in your home. Let’s have a look at a few tips that can help you in choosing the right ceiling design followed by new ceiling design ideas and colour combinations.

  1. Tips to get your ceiling design right

    9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022
    • Understand your room’s aesthetic and choose a ceiling design that compliments the room colour scheme, aesthetics and decor
    • Be open to experimenting with textures, murals and wall designs for ceilings
    • Use a contrasting colour to add a two-toned, dramatic approach to the room
    • Ambient lighting, chandeliers, custom light fixtures are a must to embellish your ceiling
    • Wallpapers and mirrored ceilings are the trendiest in 2022, treating ceiling designs as feature walls
    • Lastly, adding a ceiling medallion or mouldings/beams will add drama and character to an otherwise plain wall
  2. New ceiling design for your living room walls

    If your living room needs a great ambience, a new ceiling design can surely give you the desired output. Ceiling designs can augment your living room decor and add an element of light and design to plain walls. Let us look at a few new ceiling design ideas for halls.

    a. Track lighting false ceiling with neutrals

    9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022

    If you want just a touch of character to your ceiling, let it sit with neutrals like grey, greige or terracotta with track lights in your chosen pattern. Track lights elevate your living room’s ambience by not only uplifting neutral colours but also complimenting beams, parallel lines or false ceilings. To uplift your ceiling colour, you can choose a type of track light. Track lights can be flexible (in any chosen order), linear, in pendant shape and many other types to match your ceiling mouldings, beams or false ceiling designs. For those who want to stick to the regular shades of paint, track lighting with neutrals is the perfect option to add character.

    Colour combinations for track lighting: Neutrals, wooden textures, pastels

    b. Golden pop ceilings

    9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022

    Indian homeowners love gold and golden accents. If your home is in neutral shades, here is your chance to add a golden pop ceiling design to stand out and create a lasting impression. Golden pop ceilings as wall textures with traditional or contemporary light fixtures are a trend in 2022. You can even go bold and contrast with the golden in shades of purple, red or green. Golden pop ceiling designs can also have golden motifs on plain background paint or wall textures in golden to go a little bit beyond just simple paint.

    Ideas for golden ceiling designs: Golden motifs, golden textures, golden contrast

    c. Ceiling murals with lighting

    A bold trend that has emerged back from the past is ceiling murals that imitate Italian monuments. Ceiling designs can either be extremely contemporary or it can take a bit of inspiration from the past. Ceiling murals are a way to let your walls do the talking. Yes we’ve heard of statement walls and statement floors, but this is a way to introduce statement ceiling designs too. In 2022, the trendiest of murals that adorn ceiling walls are hand painted fresco murals with fixtures, geometric patterns or abstract motifs, 3D panoramic paintings and more.

    Trending ideas for ceiling murals: 3D geometric art, hand painted frescos, nature-inspired theme, chalkboard paint: new trend

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  3. Ceiling designs for your bedroom

    Your bedroom is an intimate and relaxing space. It is the place where you look up at the ceiling the most and hence, it should give you the calmness and solitude you need.

    a. Textured ceiling designs

    9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022

    Go a bit beyond paints and false ceilings - embrace the world of paint textures for your ceiling designs. From grunge to abstract or nature-inspired, textured ceiling designs can add an edge to your bedroom with the perfect fixtures. Textured ceiling designs can also be in the same colour family as your neighbouring walls to add a monochromatic effect. Another way to look at it is to introduce two-toned contrast by choosing contrasting textured ceiling designs in warm shades of green, violet, blue, grey etc.

    Ideas for textured ceiling designs: Monochromatic textures, nature-inspired textures, grunge textures

    b. Glossy pastels as ceiling designs

    9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022

    2022’s newest trend for ceiling designs is introducing high glossy ceilings in pastel shades. Pastel shades have a calming effect on your surroundings while the high gloss finish adds the brightness to your room. You can choose a darker shade of your surrounding walls or a shade that complements the neutral tones in your bedroom like salmon pink, coral, mint green or grey blue. If you’ve introduced panels or beams, it would look even better with a high gloss pastel finish. The trend lately is to paint beams, wooden textures or rustic ceilings with modern pastel, high gloss finishes for a revamped look in 2022.

    Colours for glossy pastel ceiling designs: Faded yellow, mint green, blue grey

    c. A bold colour with a custom fixture

    9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022

    A simple way to make a statement through your bedroom walls is to paint your ceiling in a bold colour to add drama to your surroundings. One way to make it striking is to introduce contrast through the choice of colour in the ceiling design. The other way is to stay subtle and match the interior colour family. False ceilings and pop ceilings are a huge trend. So introducing bold colours for the pop ceilings can add dimension to your ceilings in a trendy manner. When your ceiling adorns a bold colour, a single track light or a chandelier can be just the embellishment it needs to stand out.

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  4. Simple yet trendy ceiling designs for your home

    Yes the ceiling is quite a prominent space to explore, but the fifth wall deserves some design and elegance too. The beauty of design is that even a little bit of colour or a small element can change the way a room looks. So if you want to keep it simple with ceiling designs, we have just the right ideas for you.

    a. Classic grey and white false ceiling design

    9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022

    Whether you have a pop ceiling, beams or mouldings, ceiling designs can augment your room’s ambience with just the right touch of colour. With dimensional ceilings in modern homes, a classic grey and white approach to ceilings is a simple yet trendy way to introduce ceiling designs. The world of ceiling designs presents a number of ways to play with grey and white, like using high-gloss finishes for the grey areas, using mattified whites and greys, using greys only on pop ceilings etc. Another bonus is that grey and white easily adapt to modern light fixtures and natural light as well.

    Ideas for grey and white false ceilings: Paint the beams, use a high gloss finish, add a custom fixture

    b. Simple ceiling to wall colour run down

    9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022

    A unique trend in 2022, this ceiling to wall colour rundown is a modern ceiling design idea that uses paints and two walls to grab attention. It is very simplistic yet trendy enough for your room to stand out. We often see this ceiling design being used in large living rooms or bedrooms. Choosing pop colours or pastel colours is the way to go for this ceiling design to transform your space. Some homeowners can even take it a step further by running the colour down to the floor.

    Ideas for colour run down ceiling design: Use high gloss paints for a contrast to be visible, use unique colours to accentuate your room decor

    c. Brown and white with wooden panelling

    9 Beautiful Ceiling Designs to Explore in 2022

    Contemporary, chic and elegant, this classic brown and white combination coupled with the warm hues of wooden textures is a simple ceiling design choice for your home. This ceiling design is timeless and will never disappoint. It is versatile enough to go with unique furnishings, decor and electronics. It is a classic go-to ceiling design that can be experimented with textures, panelling, pop ceilings and even track lights.

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  5. We hope you’ve found enough ceiling inspiration for your home, here. Be open to experimenting with your fifth wall and trust us, your space will look gorgeous.

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