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 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For You

Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For You

Give your kitchen a simple and beautiful makeover

To a large part of the Indian homeowners market, a kitchen is a simple and functional space that requires smart design. Beautiful and simple kitchen designs are possible with a number of factors like design, paint, layouts and functionality. We’re here to show you how simple tips and wall designs can turn a mundane kitchen into a beautiful one. Design can also be about the simplicity of it all, attention to details and subtlety. With this thought at the forefront, we believe easy, simple kitchen designs are not hard to find in a world full of grandiose.

  1. Tips for an easy, simple kitchen design for the modern Indian home

    5 Beautiful and Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For You
    • Use the wall as a space for hanging tools and let your drawers be utilised for heavy-duty utensils. Flaunt that wall with simple wall art or a mural.
    • Let colour augment an otherwise cool-toned kitchen. Use colourful walls as backdrops to pristine white furniture and cabinetry.
    • Use ambient lighting paired with colours like grey, white, dark blue or yellow to make your kitchen look great
    • All white kitchens create the illusion of more space, making it a easy, simply kitchen design choice

    While we have summarised a few classic tips on how to have a simple kitchen design, let’s have a look at a few ways to augment your simple kitchen design.

  2. Classic all white approach for small kitchens

    5 Beautiful and Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For You

    Perfect for a small and simple kitchen design, an all white approach creates the illusion of space and lets your kitchen radiate a distinct cool tone. To create the perfect illusion of space and simplicity, colour your cabinets, countertops, walls and furnishings in immaculate white. Apart from the space illusion, white reflects light and brings in a sense of sophistication and elegance that can stand the test of time. Do not worry about the kitchen getting messy with an all-white approach, as you can choose textures that can be easily cleaned like marble finishes, glossy finishes, glass finishes etc.

    Let’s look at a few simple kitchen design ideas using an all-white approach:

    • If you’re worried about the kitchen getting messy, then choose textures that can be cleaned or warm colours like blue or wooden hues for countertops and contact-heavy areas.
    • White camouflage - Create a seamless backdrop when your white cabinets can merge into your white walls and ceilings, making it look classic and elegant.
    • Let white be your primary colour while you add small accents of blue or yellow to bring in character to the kitchen.

    Characteristics: Timeless, elegant, sophisticated

  3. Choose wall textures as the backdrop for your kitchen tools

    A geometric backsplash or a nice textured grunge wall can act as the perfect backdrop to minimal shelves for crockery or hanging tools. Wall textures or accent walls add character to a monochrome kitchen space. Go a step beyond a simple colour palette and play with patterns, motifs, geometry or abstract art in the kitchen. From countertops, vacant walls to island backdrops, textured walls can add a zing to your kitchen space making it fun, lively and trendy. Let’s look at a few popular textures and where you can use it in your simple kitchen design:

    • Geometric or simple wall textures: This is primarily use for countertop areas or for single walls that take up space and add character to your kitchen
    • Textured backsplash: Tiles are boring. Introduce texture to your backsplash above the sink and island area to be creative.
    • Floors and ceilings: These areas are most neglected, during design. Let textures deck the floors and ceilings subtly to add character and elements.

    Characteristics: Distinctive, creative, personal

  4. Choose your kitchen colour palette in favour of natural light

    5 Beautiful and Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For You

    We all want our kitchens to be doused in some sun. It only blesses the food we prepare with warmth and nature’s love. If your kitchen is facing or next to a window, be sure to choose beautiful shades that radiate and complement the sun. Pastel shades and shades of white bounce off the light making the kitchen appear larger and pristine. With the right colour and natural light in your kitchen, it sets the mood for energy, positivity and productivity. Let us have a look at a few shades that compliment natural light and easy, simple kitchen designs.

    • For north-facing rooms with lots of natural light, choose shades that are in the off-white category or neutral shades like pale yellow.
    • For east-facing rooms, enjoy the sun and go with colours that enjoy it too, like lavender, grey, blue and stark white.
    • For south and west-facing rooms, analyse the windows and choose pastels that let the rooms appear bright even in the evening.
  5. Play with textures, finishes and shades for a modern result

    5 Beautiful and Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For You

    Simple kitchen designs are the latest trend in the contemporary world. For ‘simple’ to look good, homeowners can ditch paints and go for textures, rich finishes and unusual shades for cabinets and walls. A textured, accent wall in your simple kitchen can create a dramatic effect and give you all the design grace you need that regular walls can’t. Let’s look at a few ideas for small kitchen designs:

    • Go for unusual warm shades on a single wall, ceiling or floor to add drama to your kitchen space
    • Introduce textures to otherwise plain walls and surfaces. Textures like hexagons, abstract geometry, wooden hues, grunge etc.
    • Introduce marble finishes, matte finishes, 3D finishes to countertops, islands and cabinets for that extra design element
  6. Ditch boring, let your kitchen enjoy warm, exciting hues

    5 Beautiful and Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For You

    When we say simple, easy kitchen design we don’t mean the same old shades and colour palettes. Simple and beautiful kitchen designs can include kitchens painted in shades of lavender, navy blue, deep red and more. Pairing contrasting shades through a wall and furniture combination works well for most unique colour schemes. Let your backsplash be dramatic to the subtle coloured cabinets or it can be vice versa to add the extra to your furniture finishes.

    If you liked what you saw, you can read more about the latest kitchen designs and styles of 2022 here. We hope your small kitchen design comes to life fruitfully with the help of our inspiration and tips. Happy designing.

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