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 Designer Tips to Modernize Your Living Room

Designer Tips to Modernize Your Living Room

The carefully planned and uncluttered modern living rooms are a playful take on straight lines, modernised furniture and a well-selected neutral colour palette. Seasoned designers showcase modern living room designs that are minimalist and reek simplicity, yet are eye-catching and glamorous. If you wish to redesign or reinvent the living room in your home, in a modern or contemporary decorating style, there are many interior paint ideas that designers swear by. Read on to browse through some designer tips to give your living room a modern flair

Add a Pop of Pastel

Pastels have dominated the past few years for creating statement-making living room décor. Paint colour shades toned down by infusing white are an excellent way of creating a colourful and elegant vibe in a home, without making it too overwhelming and bright. Pastel tones, such as mint green, blush pink, lavender/lilac, or peach, can be just what your living room needs to make heads turn. Painting the living room walls in a pastel hue, along with the right touch of white through the ceiling, trim, furnishing or upholstery, can create a balanced modern décor in the living space.

Plan a Monochromatic Twist

Add a unique interest to your living space with a statement-making mix of wall colour and furniture in the same colour family but in different colour shades.  Try creating a blue living room with blue furnishings, like a blue sofa and chair, over a blue base colour palate, which is a modern twist to the monochromatic scheme.

Create a Striking Contrast

One easy trick to mastering a modern living room is infusing a contrasting wall colour, which is soothing and neutral, with a dramatic pairing of furnishing and accessories. For instance, a striking blue or yellow couch can add drama and interest to a neutral space. Use bold wall texture paint, mixed metallic hues and designer finishes, along with shapely furniture to add interest to the room. Keep the wall colour solid and pattern to a minimum, for an instant modern upgrade.

Design a Bohemian Living Room

A casual, yet modern way of making a living room stand out, is using different pieces of furnishing that are totally conflicting yet put together seamlessly to give a bohemian or casual vibe to your living room. The best part is, you don’t have to match furnishings to blend with the décor, add a Lucite coffee table, a glass bar stool, or geometric chandelier, for an instant contemporary touch. A Boho look is effortless and can add energy to the space, making the décor a talking point for most conversations.

Add Striking Light Fixtures

Well-selected light fixtures set the tone for the entire living room space. Offset a neutral interior paint colour palette with an eye-catching light fixture, which adds an air of interest into the minimalistic space.  Geometrical or symmetric lights are a trending modern décor touch that designers swear by in their contemporary home décor.

Fashion a Minimalistic Décor

The new minimal living rooms, where less is more, has consistently been the go-to option for top designers. You must remember, when opting for a sleek and uncluttered living space, it is essential to introduce a focal point in the room to add visual interest and character. While most designers recommend a striking statement piece that adds interest and enlivens the space, the décor is simple with lack of horizontal surfaces and minimal clutter in the room.

Go Darker

Those who would like to add a touch of luxury to their modern abodes, can use statement-making furnishings and lighting fixtures in a darker set theme to evoke luxury and cosiness into the living room décor.  Design a contemporary grey living space accompanied by a touch of bright hues that liven-up the space, to add a playful and visually appealing effect.

Create a Floating backdrop

Create a modern living room design by using the neutral floor to ceiling hues, such as grey or brown, which are accentuated by floating furniture to create an unusual, yet stunning modern living room. For instance, a floating couch in the middle of a living room is something that interior designers often visit to create a remarkable focal interest and modern layout. Floating décor that is placed on a backdrop of neutral or stark white walls can be visually appealing and chic.

Try Fusion Décor

An irresistible modern living room that feels chic can be fashioned by mixing modern and traditional décor styles. By adding a touch of vintage using luxurious fabrics, like velvet, to a modern and neutral décor, one can add a traditional twist to an otherwise modern living space. A Vintage rug in a contemporary home paint design can add warmth and an interesting element to the space. Similarly, Vintage tiles, antique urns and Arabic rugs are a simple way to add a global touch to your contemporary home. Well-designed modern living spaces have an unspoken charisma that attracts the onlooker. For a modern living room décor, play around with unusual arrangements and surprising elements until you create a living room that is just wow!

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