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Difference Between Distemper and Plastic Paint – Which is Better

Difference Between Distemper and Plastic Paint – Which is Better

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  1. Plastic Paint vs Distemper Paint

    Whenever you decide to paint your residence with new colours, it provides you with a different reason for joy altogether. Painting is fun as it brings happiness, and you can see all the bright colours right in front of your eyes. Choosing the right paint for your home is where the real challenge lies. If you are planning to paint your home, you might have difficulties understanding the difference between each of their qualities. In this article, we will provide you with a distinctive study on plastic paint vs distemper paint.

    It would help if you settled your mind as to what paint you want to apply to the walls of your living room, drawing room and kitchen. Both plastic paint and distemper come with their distinctive and unique qualities, and you would get a crystal-clear idea of which one you should choose and why:

  2. Distemper Paint and Plastic Paint - What are the Differences?

    These two paints are largely popular amongst all kinds of paints available in the market. Even though they have wide popularity, they have significant differences. In this section, we will be discussing the differences between the two types of paints, and we will also tell you where you can use them. Before that, let’s get an idea of the types of paints available in the market:

  3. Types of Paints Available in the Market

    There are various types of paints available in the market. Some of them are:

    1. Enamel Paint

    2. Oil Paint

    3. Synthetic Rubber Paint

    4. Emulsion Paint

    5. Anti-Corrosive Paint

    6. Silicate Paint

    7. Cement Paint

    8. Plastic Paint

  4. Plastic Paint vs. Distemper: Pointers to Keep in Mind

    Distemper paint is the oldest among the kinds of paint in the market. This paint is simply water-based and can be used to colour the interiors of your house preferably. It is widely used as you can easily apply it to your house or office walls without having to apply any primer before it.

    Unlike distemper paint, plastic paint is oil-based and provides a glossy look and shiny texture to your walls. However, this paint uses water to make it thinner before applying it to the walls. As it bestows a glossy finish to your walls, this paint is also known as a soft sheen.

  5. Plastic Paint and Distemper Paint - What are the Benefits?

    While we are doing a thorough comparative study of distemper vs plastic paint, we need to look into the benefits that both offer. Let’s get started.

    Benefits of Plastic Paint: Reasons to Choose

    1. It is easy to apply and wash, and at the same time, it holds greater durability than that of distemper paints.

    2. It is extremely light in weight, and thus it is easy to store and use in various places.

    3. It can deliver thick coats of paint, and thus you can cover up any imperfection on your walls.

    4. It provides the walls with a glossy texture, making the room look brighter.

    5. You can use it to paint wooden panels to provide an excellent finish.

    6. Since it is oil-based, it is highly waterproof, and you can easily apply it to the exterior walls.

    Distemper Paint: Why Is It a Favourable Option

    1. It works best when applied to the interior walls of residences and offices.

    2. It is water-based and highly affordable.

    3. You can clean any dirt on the walls coloured with distemper paints.

    4. There are many colours, and you can select the colour through computerization.

    5. It is durable and can endure for many years.

    6. It provides a matte finish, making the walls look magnificent and timeless.

    7. It has a huge demand, and thus it is widely available in the markets.

  6. To Conclude

    As we have made a distinctive comparison of distemper paint vs plastic paint, we can conclude by saying that both paints are better in their perspectives. Distemper paint is water-based, providing a matte finish, whereas plastic paint is oil-based, providing a glossy finish. So, depending on your requirement, you can choose the paint that will meet the needs of the project. If you are looking to find the best plastic paint for homes in India for wall colour painting project then try Nerolac Suraksha Acrylic Exterior Emulsion - an economical water thinnable exterior plastic paint coating especially designed for exterior walls with better outdoor durability in dry or humid climatic conditions.

Nerolac Paints, a leading paint company in India offers a wide range of wall paint colours & painting services & solutions for homes & offices.

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Where can I use plastic paints?

You can use plastic paints, preferably in kitchen space and on wooden surfaces, to add a glossy texture.

Where can I use distemper paints?

You can use distemper paints to colour the interior walls of your home or office space.

Can I mix water with plastic paint?

Yes, you can mix water only if you are trying to dilute the thick density of the paint. Otherwise, plastic paint doesn’t require water as it is oil-based.

Can I use distemper for my home walls?

Well, papered walls as well as wooden furniture are the best places for using distemper paint. So, yes, you can use them for your home walls. Distemper is durable, and hence a great option for home walls.

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