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Top 11 Red Colour Combinations and Photos

Top 11 Red Colour Combinations and Photos


Red Colour Combinations

The patent of spring, the symbol of love, the flag of passion; the timeless red has hues that can bring alive a multitude of emotions. That is the power of colour. And when the power of crimson meets design, it is a vision worth walking into. Whether it is your Pinterest mood board or handpicked colour swatches, red has avatars ranging from vibrant energy to warm solitude that can be ideal for your living spaces. Red colour combinations have gradually become a popular choice for modern living rooms, bedroom statement walls and other home spaces in 2023. Finding the perfect colour combination with red is easy because of the wide array of options at hand. We have created a simple guide to help you find what colour matches with red and spruce up your space.

From classic greys to emerald blues, here are 2023’s top 11 red colour combinations.

  1. Red and White - The Classic Duo

    Red and White colour combination for your Home

    Glorious white and reds splashed across your modular kitchen or pristine bathroom - that is a sight to behold! Just like white pearls on a red dress or white icing on a red velvet cake, this red colour combination has just the style quotient you’re looking for. Play with the glossiness of reds on your tiles with your bathroom furniture complimenting it to give it a luxurious look. When it comes to your modular kitchen, let the glossy red shine through your cabinet finishes or walls, while white accentuates other delicate elements in the space. Here are a few red combinations that your space needs:

    Ideal for: Bathrooms, open kitchens, modular kitchens

  2. English Black and Wine Red: The latest talk

    Colour combination with English Black and Wine Red for your home

    This 2023, bedrooms decked in red and black have stolen cover pages and the spotlight. Sleek black dressers and wardrobes complimenting satin red walls have been on the wishlist for the many homeowners for quite some time. Not all of us want neutrals and pastels, some of us want bold, lustrous walls. The warm red shades and the sultry black add a chic edge to your bedroom space while giving you just the solitude you need. Top it up with a nice rug and you’ve got a space that calls for neighbour’s envy. For the experimentative homeowners, here are some red colour combinations for your rooms:

    Ideal for: Bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge areas

  3. Earl grey meets Ruby Red: The classics

    Earl grey and Ruby Red colour combination for your Home

    If you want to go traditional with a tinge of a modern vibe, this combination provides you the perfect concoction. The understated and aged grey takes the backseat, while a classic red makes the room appear energetic and vibrant, deeming this combination as a popular choice for most homeowners. With modular and minimal homes coming into play, this eloquent colour combination with red allows the large expanse of walls to compliment sleek, futuristic electronics like a Smart TV and ambient lighting. If you like what you see, here are a few noteworthy colour combinations with a good balance of red:

    Ideal for: Living rooms, common rooms, hallways, décor and fitments

  4. Rustic Brown and Pale Red: The Simple Choice

    Colour combination with Rustic Brown and Pale Red for your home

    A rustic dining table, a beautiful centerpiece, a wooden wall unit and a splash of pale red across the walls - these are details of a living room with décor and design that’s state-of-the-art. Let your common room imbibe the warmth of wooden accents and the dramatic yet calming red expanse. Pale Red makes for a lovely living room or kitchen colour as it sits straight into the functionality of the room. Most homeowners like to experiment with this combination, since wood tones are classic and red hues are contemporary, giving spaces a modern yet classic touch. Find your favourite colour combination with red here:

    Ideal for: Kitchen spaces, signature walls, living rooms, dining rooms

  5. Ashes of Red and Pastel Pink: For pretty times

    Ashes of Red and Pastel Pink colour combination for your Home

    As a homeowner, if you’re someone who is extroverted and passionate and want your bedroom to reflect the same energy, this red colour combination for your room is the perfect pick. Subtle hues from the red family makes for a dramatic yet chic living space. You can have your walls in pale red and pastel pink décor and linens, with light pink wall accents. This colour combination is best suited for studios, study spaces, living rooms and bedrooms. Here are some varied colour combinations with red and pinks:

    Ideal for: Kitchen spaces, signature walls, living rooms, dining rooms

  6. Classic Red and Chic Neutrals

    Colour combination with Classic Red and Chic Neutrals for your home

    While we’ve covered classic neutrals like grey and white, red sure does go with pastels and beiges without appearing boring. Classic Red worn by one wall and enveloped by chic, eloquent beige colours is just the way to go if you want to make a statement while being simplistic. Perfectly suited for bedroom spaces, the red gives you the energetic passion needed and the beige exudes serenity and solitude within this relaxing space. Here are a few suggestions to go about combinations with red:

    Ideal for: Bedrooms, wall units, balconies, common spaces

  7. Emerald Blue and Red Desert - Rich Tastes

    Emerald Blue and Red Desert colour combination for your Home

    Complimentary on the colour wheel, blue and red go hand in hand as a warm colour combination for dusky hues in a room. Whether it’s nautical or you want a tad bit of Santorini reflecting in your bathroom, the choice of red and blue hues will define the aura. Bring in textured walls of blue to compliment your red accents in the bedroom and you’ve got yourself a safe, warm nest. If you’re looking for something vibrant, you can use a splash of textured red in your living room while using navy blue to bring life to your furniture and décor. Here’s how colour combinations with red can look like:

    Ideal for: Bedroom spaces, Living rooms, Libraries

  8. Sunshine Red and Yellow Sands - The Tango

    Colour combination with Sunshine Red and Yellow Sands for your home

    Perfect for a bachelor’s pad or a home with kids, this red colour combination brings alive spaces. If you like Mexico, then spruce up your place with embroidered pillows, yellow-painted furniture, sunshine red walls and ambient lighting. Meant for a guest room, or a cozy corner in your living room, this red colour combination made up of stark yellow and sun red brings in all the zest you need. You can also have a nice popcorn-finished yellow signature wall, and red surrounding walls to add a South-Western touch to your home. If you like what you read, here are a few combinations:

    Ideal for: Guest rooms, living rooms, kids room

  9. Nature’s Green and Rustic Red - A sophisticated option

    Nature’s Green and Rustic Red colour combination for your Home

    A lot like XMas? A deep green and red combination can be played out very differently if we pair a nice, rustic red with forest green accents and decor to appear in warmer tones. This would be perfect for a bedroom nest, since it brings out a serene presence. However, if you have plans for your living room we know just what to suggest. Deck your walls in red and let artifacts, furniture and your good old nature do the talking with deep hues of green. With the perfect yellow lighting, this visual of a living room is what every contemporary Indian homeowner needs to be trending in 2023. Here are a few top notch combinations for you:

    Ideal for: Living rooms and bedrooms

  10. Salsa Red and Zesty Orange - For vivid spaces

    Colour combination with Salsa Red and Zesty Orange for your home

    Have a thing for vibrant, open kitchens or energetic common spaces? This room colour combination with red is meant for you. Orange and red when combined can brighten your living room and can add a youthful touch to your kitchen design too. Although the tones of red and orange that you play with, will determine the mood. Here’s how you can find your mood:

    Ideal for: Common spaces, kitchens, open kitchens

  11. Purple and Red - Unusual and unique

    Colour combination with Salsa Red and Zesty Orange for your home

    If you do not want to settle for the regular combinations with red, this is the one to go for. Purple hues with classic red is usually a rare choice, but if done right it’s pleasing to the eye. If you want your place to be lighter, go with pastels of violet-like lavender with pastels of red for it to look eloquent. For a red dominant space, use violet accents and decor. For a violet dominant space, use pastel red furniture, curtains and decor. Here are a few combinations for you to explore:

    Ideal for: A feminine, modern bedroom, common spaces, kid’s room, studies etc.

    Whether it’s bold red walls or textured red ceilings, colour combinations with red are meant for contemporary yet classic home designs. While choosing a colour combination that matches your personality is simplistic, there are a few more steps to take to bring your home painting project to life. If you loved what you saw and found your red swatch, it’s time to begin your home painting journey with groundwork here:

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    If you’re looking for some more amazing colour combinations beyond red, we know just what you will like:

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