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 Enamel Paint for Metal: How to Apply Enamel Paint on Metals?

Enamel Paint for Metal: How to Apply Enamel Paint on Metals?

Enamel Paint for Metal

Are you planning to paint a metal surface and looking for the best paint options available in the market? Well, we would suggest that you should use enamel paint. You will realise that enamel paint for metal has a lot of advantages. The metal surface gets a nice finish that can last for a long time.

But you should know the right steps for applying enamel paint to get the best outcome. Here are some of the steps to keep in mind:

  1. Step #1: Prepare the Surface

    You need to prepare the metal surface for applying enamel paint and remove rust and scales from the surface by scraping them. You should clean dust and other unwanted stuff from the metal surface. It will ensure that the enamel paint can be applied in an even layer.

  2. Step #2: Apply Primer

    Before applying enamel paint on metal, you need to coat the surface with a good quality primer. This unique product will ensure that the topcoat can smoothly be applied on the surface. Choose the shade of the primer according to the colour you have chosen for your metal surface. Using a darker undertone of primer than the enamel will make your metal surface look clumsy.

  3. Step #3: Choose a Brush

    A good brush is required to apply enamel paint on metal. The right brush is required to achieve the finish you are looking for. A premium quality brush should be used to apply each stroke uniformly. You need to ensure that the tip of your brush is properly drenched in colour to apply the paint correctly. The brush strokes should not be visible when the undercoat of the paint dries up.

  4. Step #4: Use a Sandpaper

    You have to scrape the metal surface once again with sandpaper. Any dust from the metal surface needs to be removed if you want a smooth finish. Dust on your metal surface can make the enamel paint look cakey and uneven.

  5. Step #5: Use Painter's Tape

    Suppose you are in the mood to have some fun with different enamel paints, use painter's tape. You might decide not to paint some portions of the metal surface. In that case, you will have to stick painter's tape on the areas you don't want to paint. It will ensure that the areas you don't want to paint remain clean.

  6. Step #6: Apply the First Coat

    Apply the first coat of enamel paint to your metal surface. The first coat should always be light. It will help create a heavy base on which you can apply enamel paint for the second or third time.

  7. Step #7: Get Ready for the Next Coat

    You should apply the subsequent coats of paint only after the previous layer dries completely. Otherwise, you might end up smudging the paint.

  8. Step #8: Peel Off the Tapes

    If you have stuck tapes on the metal surface, you should gently remove the tapes before the paint dries out. Removing the tape after the paint dries out might chip some off the painted surface.

To Conclude:

Enamel paint can take a little bit of time to dry. Wait for the paint to dry out to see results. You will surely be elated with the outcome! If you are looking out for one of the best enamel paints in India try Nerolac Synthetic Hi-Performance Enamel paint coatings which has a blend of high quality resin & light fast pigments with high standard of surface protection.

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