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Nerolac Paint+ Colours – No More Withhold of Cracks

The exteriors of your home are prominently in a tug of war with the weather. To add more shine to the exterior, you would either think of re-painting or renovating the house. But first things first, the architectural structures of commercial buildings and the exterior of houses are prone to damage due to heat, acidic rains, or wind. Be it a change in the environmental factors wilting the cracks of a structure or humidity in the air. Weather-proof paints are the answer to such difficult situations.

So, the key is to avoid wear-off of the exterior paints (link the product page) before cracks open wide and hurt the structure. Nerolac Paint+ pioneers our continuing legacy of creating meaningful solutions and keeping your home protected, even on the outside. This translates into fewer cracks for up to 6* years with a warranty.

How does Nerolac’s Excel Mica Marble Stretch and Sheen safeguard your walls?

Nerolac Paint+ Colours Excel Mica Marble Stretch Sheen

Due to weather or changes in humidity of your surroundings, a hairline crack occurs. It is usually at the surface level of the wall. If the crack has been on the exterior walls for a longer time, then there might be structural damage at a deeper level. Such damages are more likely to contribute to the problem if safety measures are not used. Nerolac’s Paint+ solutions – Excel Mica Marble Stretch and Sheen paint – provide more stability to the structure with its 2x stretchability.

How would a surface retain its glossiness? How would it deflect the dirt, moisture and grim brought upon them? Although dirt is almost invisible; it sticks to the surface unknowingly and corrodes the paint. So, instead of endangering the building, coats of Nerolac’s Excel Mica Marble Stretch & Sheen can provide everlasting gloss levels up to 35 out of 80, according to gloss paint standards in the world. Other than this, the paint is extremely dust resistant in any weather.

Nerolac’s fan deck of shades covers every hue of primary and secondary colours on a colour wheel. But why does the exterior need vibrant or apt colours? Other than lustre and cracks, a colour resembles the character and beautifies the depth of places in and around the surroundings. For instance, if the colour on the roof requires cool tone of blue and warm tone of beige at the sides (interlink one of the catalogues, mostly light or dark colour), then it can only look beautiful with the mix of two tones. As it is necessary to keep the tones aligned and delightful for the eye. In Nerolac’s deck of colours, the Paint+ colours have a variety of shades to elevate the in and out of the building.

  1. Reduces hairline cracks

  2. Sheen at its finest

  3. Warm or cool tone of colour?

Hence, considering a paint without 3-in-1 qualities is unsafe for the health of the building. For instance, if a building requires waterproofing, then a coat of paint alone may not help. Instead, a quick inspection of the building’s health and safety would prove to be rewarding. One could apply coats of Nerolac Paint+ products which offer plenty of lustre, protection, comes with 6* years of warranty and lastly, offers an enormous deck of colours.

Are you looking to rejuvenate the outer look of your house? Call our NXTGEN Painting Service, where only Nerolac’s painting experts evaluate the site (home or commercial space), fix the leakages and damages, and then move towards re-painting or freshly painting the site. Click here to find a painter nearby your home.

Nerolac Paints, a leading paint company in India offers a wide range of wall paint colours & painting services & solutions for homes & offices.

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