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Nerolac Paint Plus Colours – Uniquely Yours with a Touch of Technology

There are paints in the market that ideally stay on the walls as permanent glue. But, how about if the colours go an extra mile to protect the beauty of your walls?

Perfectly styled and immense sheen are just a few benchmarks of paint utility. Discover additional benefits of Nerolac Paint+ not only by preparing your walls but also adding technologically advanced layers beneath every coat.


The idea behind Nerolac Paint+ product – offers triple assurance against detrimental effects of atmospheric changes. Nerolac’s Beauty Gold Washable paint offers protection beyond the shade card. It provides a premium finish which deludes a human’s eye. Except for the finish, your wall will stay bacteria-free due to its anti-bacterial properties.

Read on to know more about the benefits Nerolac Paint+ hold.

What to expect with Beauty Gold Washable?

Nerolac Paint Plus Colours Beauty Gold Washable

Does finish matter while choosing a paint? Yes, because, the walls that make up a home needs- a starkly remarkable finish. Experience a touch of paint that feels as soft as a feather on textured walls. To liven up the character of homes, finish plays a crucial role in grounding that character on the walls.

The walls, a few years back in time, had matte sheen on them. Kitchen, living room or master bedroom – all these spaces require vivid shades of colour. To further highlight the features of the room, choose a soft sheen paint that favourably reflects light and beautifies even a sombre corner.

Stains are essentially dirt and dust absorbed by the paint which causes stains or discolouration of the shade. Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable on the walls or interior surface translates to more strength and resistance towards all kinds of dry and watery dust.

By all means, bacteria and dust stick to walls as often as it can. These unnoticeable bacteria stay put on the walls for eons together. Hence, the fresh look of your walls stays inhibited by one too many types of notorious algae or fungi. With one coat of Nerolac Beauty Gold Washable paint, your walls can breathe easily and let you feel breezy and carefree.

Whether the walls are inside or outside, they should adequately stay tough even after beautifying your house. Our Japanese technology-driven Nerolac Paint+ products are by far the most resilient paint which shifts the tensile strength at a molecular level and takes care of hairline cracks.

  1. Smoothest and clean finish

  2. Soft sheen to settle the light

  3. Stain-free walls

  4. Anti-bacterial properties

  5. Toughness that elongates

Homes, walls, bricks, paints and so on, they all have a long-lasting relationship with the weather on the inside and outside of the house. Choose Nerolac Paint+ that goes above and beyond to give your home an everlasting revamp and make it look like a breath of fresh air.

Still looking to redo a corner or paint your home? Nerolac NEXTGEN Painting Service can paint or repaint your home within 5 days. Click here to get a quote or book a painting service.

Nerolac Paints, a leading paint company in India offers a wide range of wall paint colours & painting services & solutions for homes & offices.

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