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Exploring Polyurethane Waterproof Roof Coating - No Damp+ Advantages You Should Know

Exploring Polyurethane Waterproof Roof Coating - No Damp+ Advantages You Should Know


Everyone needs a durable roof over their heads and maintaining a strong roof is a sign of a healthy and impressionable home. In the world of waterproofing solutions and roof protection, pu paint or Polyurethane waterproofing has emerged as a reliable and popular solution. The durability, flexibility, and elasticity of polyurethane or pu paint, makes it a popular choice for residential projects, commercial projects and industrial applications. In this blog, let us navigate through the advantages of polyurethane waterproof coating, No Damp+ as a product and application techniques that help us understand pu paint further. From expanding the lifespan of your roof, to energy efficiency and a secure structure, the spectacular benefits of pu coating waterproofing will help you live a stress-free life at home.

Introduction - No Damp+ Polyurethane waterproofing coating for roofs

Nerolac Perma No Damp is a PU Hybrid high strength fibre reinforced elastomeric waterproof coating. It is a modern and advanced solution for roof repair, maintenance and waterproofing. No Damp+ comes with various benefits like anti-carbonation, water resistance, surface temperature reduction, crack-bridging abilities, film elongation and anti-algal properties. Along with this, Nerolac Perma No Damp+ polyurethane waterproof coating flaunts an advanced formulation and durable properties that come along with a waterproofing warranty of up to 12 years. The right product for pu coating waterproofing is Nerolac Perma No Damp+ polyurethane waterproof coating.

Understanding Polyurethane waterproofing coating for roofs

In order to protect your roof and find the right materials and method to waterproof it, understanding polyurethane waterproofing as a solution is a must. Pu coatings have essential waterproofing properties making them an advanced waterproofing choice. PU coating waterproofing usually comes in liquid form and acts as a strong and durable watertight barrier that prevents leaks and moisture seepages once it is cured. Any fluctuations in weather conditions, temperature or structural movement can be fought effectively by polyurethane waterproofing because of its durable surface and strength to protect the roof from cracks and damages. Another advantage of choosing pu coatings is that it offers excellent adhesion to various construction materials like concrete, metal, asphalt and more, making it a perfect choice for residential and commercial projects. Choosing polyurethane as a waterproofing material can help you aid energy efficiency, protect your space against UV radiations and fight water damage as a long-term solution.

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Advantages of Nerolac Perma No Damp+ Polyurethane Waterproofing

Nerolac Perma No Damp+ Polyurethane waterproofing is a high performance product that is an efficient solution for roof waterproofing or roof repair. Let us look at some key advantages of this product:

  1. Energy efficiency:

    Energy efficiency

    No Damp+ ensures a surface temperature reduction of up to 14 degree celsius on application, keeping the insides of your space cooler. This in turn helps reduce the strain on HVAC systems and reduces energy bill costs.

  2. Anti carbonation:

    Anti carbonation

    By forming a strong and durable barrier that prevents carbon dioxide from entering your space, pu coatings provide anti carbonation for concrete buildings. Anti carbonation also helps reduce the risk of carbonate-led corrosion of steel or metal structures.

  3. Water pressure resistance:

    Water pressure resistance

    PU coatings can form a strong and impenetrable barrier on the surface as thick as 10 bars to prevent water pressure. Because of its excellent waterproofing properties, it can serve as a strong material for extreme water pressure spaces with pipes and hydraulic systems, or heavy rainfall.

  4. Crack bridging and adhesion:

    Crack bridging and adhesion

    Nerolac Perma NoDamp+ provides crack bridging up to 5mm in width, preventing water intrusion and seepages/leakages. This product is ideal for roof systems that are prone to structural movement or cracking due to thermal expansion.

  5. Flexibility:


    NoDamp+ allows up to 700% film elongation during application that indicates flexibility and stretchability. Especially for roofing systems that are prone to movement, deformation and other dynamic issues, NoDamp+ can expand and contract without forming cracks or tears in the surface.

  6. Easy application:

    Easy application

    Since it is a liquid PU coating, it is relatively easier to install, apply and cure. It also is versatile enough to provide strong adhesion to various substrates like metal, concrete and asphalt.

  7. Durability and longevity:

    Durability and longevity

    NoDamp+ is known for its durability as it can withstand temperature fluctuations, severe weather conditions, UV radiations and chemical exposure without deforming or tearing. It also provides a longer life-span to roofing systems when applied and maintained effectively.

Nerolac Perma No Damp+ Application and Installation

For an effective polyurethane waterproof coating system, application and installation has to be done meticulously. Since Nerolac Perma No Damp+ is a high performance polyurethane waterproof coating system, it is imperative for the application to be precise to ensure longevity and effectiveness.

  1. Surface Preparation and Cleaning:

    Surface Preparation and Cleaning

    Before applying any high performance pu coating, it is essential to clean the surface thoroughly. The substrate should be free of dust particles, loose particles, grease, contaminants etc. There are various methods used for surface washing like pressure washing, chemical cleaning, sanding as per the substrate size and texture.

  2. Primer Application for Optimal Adhesion:

    Primer Application for Optimal Adhesion

    Applying a primer is essential for the effectiveness and longevity of Nerolac Perma NoDamp+ because a primer is the layer between the substrate and the pu coating. You can choose a primer from Nerolac’s waterproofing range of Perma, based on the substrate material and requirement.

  3. Proper Mixing and Application Techniques:

    Proper Mixing and Application Techniques

    Although it is recommended that you contact experts to apply waterproof pu coatings, it is good to know the process of mixing and application. It should be a homogeneous liquid mixture that is ready for application. Depending on the surface and thickness of the coat, use a brush, roller or sprayer to evenly apply coatings.

  4. Curing and Drying Time Considerations:

    Curing and Drying Time Considerations

    Curing and drying time is essential for the liquid pu coating to form an effective water resistant barrier. The drying time may vary from 3-8 hours depending on the environmental situation, humidity and temperature. A painting expert will be able to decide the time well.

  5. Quality Control and Inspection During Application:

    Quality Control and Inspection During Application

    Check for seamless application, missing spots, bubbles in the substrate, dirt or particles or any other problems as it will interfere in the workings of the pu coating. It is important to inspect if Nerolac NoDamp+ is effectively adhering to the substrate and the primer, at all times.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

Nerolac Perma NoDamp+ is formulated with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that makes it environmentally safe to use and avoids harmful emissions. It is important to use polyurethane waterproofing that is at par with environmental regulations, sustainability and green choices.

Eco-friendly Aspects of No Damp+ Polyurethane Roof Coating

  1. Formulated with Low VOCs: Some formulations of Nerolac Perma’s range have low volatile organic compounds, ensuring lesser air pollution and minimized health risks.
  2. Aids energy efficiency: PU coatings have reflective properties so they don’t absorb radiations from the sun thereby protecting the cool air inside the structure and reducing energy bills. Nerolac Perma No Damp+ ensures a surface temperature reduction of up to 14 degrees celsius,
  3. Extended roof lifespan: Your roof need not be replaced time and again avoiding extra material costs, because of the effective waterproof coating of Nerolac Perma No Damp+.
  4. Low material waste: Traditional roofing materials for protection can lead to material wastage like wood, tiles and other components. Waterproof coatings are liquid and require less materials thereby reducing wastage.
  5. Long-term environmental impact: When an effective roofing system like Nerolac Perma No Damp+ is applied, it leads to the roof having an extended life span, lesser environmental damage, longer structural durability and the overall strength of the infrastructure.

Polyurethane waterproofing systems are not only durable, versatile, flexible and effective but also aesthetically pleasing, making it the best choice for housing projects. Nerolac Perma NoDamp+ is an excellent, high performance polyurethane waterproofing system for roofs and other surfaces, ensuring quality and effectiveness for a longer span of your structures.

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