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Purple two colour combination for bedroom walls

Purple two colour combination for bedroom walls


Purple holds various characteristics like energetic, lively, royal, sophisticated, soft and soothing. To experiment with purple and other shades is to use purple’s various characteristics to your advantage. When purple is paired with white, it brings in elegance to your bedroom 4’s. When purple is paired with yellow, it brings in a splash of creative energy your bedroom needs. We have carefully shortlisted 7 gorgeous purple colour combinations for your bedroom walls.

Significance of purple in your bedroom

Purple brings in the aura of tranquility and peace while it is also known to evoke imagination and creativity. Purple is known as the colour of creativity. It is a unique colour for your bedroom walls that can make a statement and also sit right in with your decor. In the colour wheel, purple is achieved by mixing blue and red. These are two vibrant colours with many characteristics ranging from elegance to energetic. As for 2023, our experts say purple is a colour most homeowners are choosing to experiment with in their bedrooms and other spaces.

Choosing the right combination for purple in your bedroom

Purple has the quality of blending in seamlessly with your decor preferences and interior design plan. Purple is like a colour chamaeleon, it can adapt and camouflage to your surroundings. However, it is important to know which combinations go best with purple and what they signify. Purple works best with contrasting tones in bedroom spaces.

Aesthetic swatches for purple colour combinations in your bedroom

From darker shades to lighter, purple can go well with all sides of the colour wheel. While pairing with purple, keep in mind the shade of purple as well to achieve the perfect two colour combination for your bedroom walls. Darker shades like blue and green with royal purple exude elegance whereas vibrant contrasting shades like orange and yellow evoke intuitiveness and creativity. You can use mellow versions of purple with shades of pink and blue to get a softer look for your bedroom walls as well.

Now that we have understood the characteristics and hues of purple, let us look at the top 5 purple colour combinations for your bedroom walls in depth.

  1. Purple with Pearl White

    Purple and Pearl White colour combination for your Home

    Combination characteristics: Sophisticated, elegant, tranquil

    For every energetic and unusual colour, there is always a white to bring in the tranquility and elegance. Purple and pearl white is a classic two colour combination that ensures a good blend of creativity and sophistication in your bedroom space. The gorgeous contrast between purple and white sets the tone for your bedroom walls. White mouldings, white furnishings or contrasting rugs can also do the trick with this bedroom colour combination. You can also go ahead and pair purple with other neutrals like greys or beiges for a subtle, sophisticated look. Homeowners also experiment with the hues of purple ranging from lilacs to royal, velvet violets as per the mood of their bedroom area. All in all, purple with white is timeless and steers clear of boring in the world of colour combinations for bedroom walls.

  2. Purple with Blue

    Combination characteristics: Sober, eclectic, best with minimal furnishings

    Colour combination with Purple and Blue for your home

    Whether you want to play with pastels or venture into the darker sides of royal blue and purple, this bedroom colour combination is sought after in 2021-22’s trend list. If you want your room to be minimal with more floor space, lilacs and light blue colour combination is meant for your bedroom walls. If your room is all about being eclectic and contemporary, the royal blue and purple combination can serve your needs. If you want to be bold one step at a time, you can use accents and furnishings to add small touches of this colour combination. Here are a few swatches for your bedroom walls in the shades of purple and blue:

  3. Purple with Green

    Purple and Green colour combination for your Home

    Combination characteristics: Bold, striking, luxurious

    This unusual yet lively colour combination derives a striking yet luxurious contrast in your bedroom space. With a lovely, eggplant purple as your backdrop, you can play with green accents in your space. If not that, bring in some velvet chairs or ottomans and your bedroom will look nothing lesser than royalty. Another way to add a small tinge of green can be plants to your pastel violet hues. Plants and climbers can add a natural and elegant touch to this bedroom colour combination. Here are a few trusted swatches we would go with:

  4. Purple with Yellow

    Colour combination with Purple and Yellow for your home

    Combination characteristics: Suave, Earthy, Creative

    It’s all about using the hues of yellows to your benefit. Homeowners can either experiment with the glorious gold touches in mouldings and accents with a dark purple, or for a cozy, creative, bohemian space once can experiment with pastels of yellow and purple. Striking purple and mustard is a great fashion colour combination, so imagine what it can do to your bedroom walls for chic results. Wishing for your bedroom to look like one of the model homes of a designer?

  5. Purple with Pink

    Purple with Pink

    Combination characteristics: Playful, royal, elegant, energetic

    All hues of purple with pink go well together for bedroom walls. Whether you choose a royal purple or a pastel purple, pink will compliment it to add character to your bedroom space. If you want your room to appear minimal and sophisticated, go for muted tones of purple and pink. Whereas if you’re looking for a balance between elegance and energy, a darker shade of purple paired with a pastel pink will do the needful. Pink colour combinations have a diverse palette to choose from, and if you are convinced with the idea of pinks in your bedroom, we have just the combinations you’re looking for. Purple if used as furnishings and room accents can also add character to light pink being your backdrop. Purple and pink colour combinations also work well for children's bedrooms since it has just the amount of playfulness and energy to it. Here are a few bedroom colour combinations for you:

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  6. Purple with Black

    Purple with Black

    Combination characteristics: Classy, sophisticated, suave

    Picture dusky shades of purple and black paired together - that makes for a royal, classy bedroom space. Similarly, lighter shades of purple paired with black and dark toned furniture also adds a warm yet sophisticated vibe to your bedroom. A sought after two colour combination, violet and black can transport you to NY condos. If you wish for unusual, magazine-like spaces, this colour combination is to go for. Here are a few colour combinations you can experiment with:

  7. Purple with Grey

    Purple and Grey colour combination for your Home

    Combination characteristics: Minimal, classy, mellow, cozy

    Purple and Grey as a bedroom colour combination is the right balance between comfort and elegance. Grey brings in the coziness and sophistication of neutrals whereas purple brings in the richness of the palette making your bedroom space look like a cozy yet trendy nook. Muted tones are perfect for those who do not want to experiment much. Homeowners can play around with purple upholstery, headboards or accents to add a bit of liveliness to an otherwise grey space. Here are a few swatches for your liking:

    Purple has chemistry with various shades and has an array of choices that can spruce up your bedroom walls. These bedroom two colour combinations are sure to give you a trendy yet cozy space. If you want to explore other colour combinations, here are our top 13 bedroom colour combinations for the year. Dual colour combinations have taken personal spaces by storm and the beauty of it is the limitless choices in all palettes.

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How to make purple look elegant and not too loud?

Pair pastel hues of purple with muted tones of grey or gold and your bedroom space will appear balanced.

How to use tinges of purple in your bedroom?

Purple headboards, accents, upholstery, rugs can add just the right amount of energy and richness to your space.

Can other colours apart from the above mentioned be paired with purple?

Yes, there are colours like black, beiges, orange too that can be paired to form stylish purple two colour combination for bedroom walls. It is about choosing right shade and intensity of purple combination.

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