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‘A subtle amount of texture attracts the eye.’ - Clyde Aspevig. While interior paint can be availed in a variety of sheens and colours, to give any room a distinctively eye-catching look, you may need to add some texture to its feature or focal wall. Texturing a wall can be easily achieved using pre-textured paints or standard interior paint using unique application techniques and textured additives. Texture paint, unlike flat paint, has a slightly rough and gritty look that adds character and a rustic appeal to walls, far better than wallpapers or any type of paint finish. To get this look, you can trade-in the simple paint swatches for a focal wall featuring gorgeous textures for a captivating outcome. Textured focal walls can add shadow, depth, and structure to a bedroom in a beautiful and unique way. Texture paint designs can be everything from subtle and artistic, unpretentious or intricate, offering results that are so eye-catching that the focal wall looks like a work of art. Here are a few ways to add interest to a feature wall using wall texture paint.

  1. Mosaic Texture

    Mosaic Texture

    A bright and spacious room can be given a playful touch through a cleverly placed tile mosaic over a focal wall. A wall colour texture from floor-to-ceiling can give your bedroom a very unique aesthetic look. To attain a tile-like wall texture paint design, one can use combing texture application techniques where comb-like instruments or stencils are used to create patterns such as zigzags, checkerboards, wavy lines or swirls in wet paint to attain the desired effect.

  2. Rustic Texture

    Rustic Texture Rustic metallic glazed textured wall paint designs can give a bedroom a cool, raw feel. Industrial-inspired designs have gained popularity, where contrasting whimsical layers of texture can help accentuate the bright and rustic design of a room. Rag rolling can also be used to create a rugged appearance on a wall, just dip a rag into the paint, squeeze out excess paint and roll it along the wall for a gorgeous uneven look.

  3. Brick Texture

    Brick Texture Brick is and always will be a classic favourite texture for bedroom walls. A classic brick wall created through textured wall paint designs adds depth and dimension to a focal wall. A faux brick texture can be created by applying a brick-like pattern over the focal wall using a stencil roller, which can be dipped in thick paint and then rolled across the wall.

  4. Marble Texture

    Marble Texture Italian marble or stonework stucco can create a fabulous Victorian or Mediterranean look, giving a spacious bedroom a calmer and humbler atmosphere. The result looks rich, clean, and comfortable. A marble texture can be attained by the process of smooshing, where a glaze is applied to a wall, on which a plastic sheet is then placed before it dries. Upon removing this sheet, one can attain a marble-like pattern that is sure to catch the attention of the beholder.

  5. Fabric Texture

    Fabric Texture In bedrooms with lighter colours on the walls, a highly-contrasting fabric-like textured focal wall that offers a velvety touch can bring a warm and cosy feeling to the space. Fabric texture can be attained through sponging technique, where a sponge roller soaked in the paint is dabbed or twisted onto the wall to create textured patterns.

  6. Wood Texture

    Wood Texture A classic wooden texture is considered the most versatile interior decor touch that can add a rustic, visual appeal to the bedroom. By creating a wood-like grain on the focal bedroom wall using the best-textured wall paints, one can attain the effect of wood that adds depth and style to the bedroom. To attain the effect of wood graining, a tool is used to apply a texture over the base coat, to gain the effects of faux wood.

  7. Smoky Texture

    Smoky Texture Call it smoky or velvety, this texture paint design will liven your entire space. The wall texture is nothing less than a masterpiece, perfect for your bedroom or living room feature wall. A smoky-textured feature wall provides double the decorative elements to space - both colour and texture. And the good news is that you can achieve this alluring design yourself, using a piece of sponge. Just pick a base colour of your choice, paint up the wall with it, soak the sponge in the contrasting colour, and make circular patterns on the wall in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction. The result will be stunning!

  8. Striped Texture

    Striped Texture Stripes are timeless, and this wall texture design never goes out of fashion. Lines of your favourite home paint colours running straight from the ceiling to skirting are ideal for rooms of all sizes and styles, especially the bedrooms. And why just straight vertical stripes? You can also add a dash of style to your space with horizontal striped or dual-toned chevron wall colour texture. Just decide how many colours you want in your room. Because this is a work of precision, we would recommend you avoid doing it on your own and hire our master painters instead.

  9. Ethnic Texture

    Ethnic Texture If you adore ethnic styles for everything around you, you must also experiment with this texture design for wall painting. With countless stencils and stamps available in the market, you can choose which wall texture you'd want your feature wall to be dressed up in. When your feature wall is covered with phenomenal floral or ethnic designs, you will feel delighted all the time. So start looking for stamps and stencils until you find your favourite one. Pro Tip: Try painting the patterns on a small portion of a wall or wooden piece to see how the texture paint design looks like. Don't directly move to the feature wall to avoid any improper designs and blunders.

  10. Plank Texture

    Plank Texture Wooden planks instead of cement walls are a common sight on beach shacks and huts. But getting this look in your home interiors can be a smart wall texture design. All you have to do is draw thick black lines from top to bottom at equal distances. Make sure that these lines are straight for the perfect wall texture design. The lines will mimic the look of narrow planks installed on a wall. Textured wall paints can help create an air of drama and illusion in a bedroom by making the feature wall stand out and impress. Apart from those mentioned above, there are many ways in which textured wall painting designs can be used to transform a bedroom into a masterpiece without spending a fortune. All you need is a little creativity and the suitable texturing technique to make a feature wall stand-out and captivate its audience.

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