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There is no doubt that a simple, solid coat of paint can make a bedroom look beautiful and elegant. However, for those who are not satisfied by a mere “nice” looking bedroom, there are ways in which you can up the “wow factor”. Readily seen in décor magazines and over the internet, wall texture designs for the bedroom are a great way of converting your resting place into a piece of art.

Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate wall texture designs to bedrooms and create striking results:

Stencilling Artwork –

With the growing popularity of texture paint designs for bedrooms, you can find a stencil for just about any pattern you wish to incorporate on your bedroom walls. Although you are free to use your artistic abilities to create freehand patterns on the bedroom wall, if you do not trust the same, a stencil can come to your rescue. Using a stencil is simple and fail-proof with the right texture paint, you can create amazing artwork on bedroom walls effortlessly.

Stencils are brilliant hacks if you wish to create repeated patterns, murals, or mosaic designs over the focal wall. With never-ending patterns and designs to choose amongst, finding wall texture designs for the bedroom you love is just a stencil away.

Checkerboard Pattern –

A checkerboard pattern can be readily found in contemporary or industrial-influenced bedrooms across top illustrative interior décor magazines. The easy to attain technique requires you to use simple painter’s tape to create the checkerboard pattern, after which you can paint all over the tape, peeling off the tape when the paint is dry. This helps attain a neat finish than freehand attempts at this innovative style. A high-contrast checkerboard can be all the drama you desire in your bedroom, with a highly sophisticated vibe.

Harlequin/Diamond Patterns –

Harlequin or diamond patterns are a sophisticated textured bedroom art that is sure to turn heads. The easy to create Harlequin pattern requires you to have nothing more than the right tools and the right paint accent, to create a fun pattern in a bedroom. Just like checkerboard pattern, the harlequin pattern requires you to measure and apply painter’s tape in diagonal strips across your desired bedroom wall and paint over the entire application. Peeling this after the paint has dried offers a surprisingly sophisticated look in the master bedroom.

A new trend is applying an Ombre Effect (gradually lightening colors) over the harlequin or checkerboard walls for a chic and eye-catching look.

Metallic Glaze –

A fail-proof way to bring glamour onto the bedroom walls is bejewelling it with a soft metallic accent. Metallic glaze over a slightly textured bedroom wall can help create a truly glamorous or dramatic look in your bedroom. For the best effect choose the focal wall to apply the metallic wall texture designs for bedroom, accentuating the same with a darker base paint over the remaining walls.

Suede/Velvety Texture –

A rich velvety or suede texture can add depth and warmth to your walls. A fabric like lax finish can add a soft touch to your walls, making it reek elegance. A great choice for bedroom walls, velvety texture can create a comfortable ambience, toning down the contrasting marble floor or white overall paints with the necessary warmth from the fabric finish.

Color Overlay –

A painting technique that can add texture and depth to bedroom walls is colour washing. This easy to attain technique adds texture to your desired color of satin base coat, which is then painted over with a glaze paint mixture to create an overlay of color and patterns.

Peeling/Aging Effect –

A new and trendy paint technique that is gaining prominence in the industrial-inspired bedrooms or living spaces is an ageing textured wall or ceiling. Mixing crackle medium in the paint causes it to dry with cracks, creating the desired aged effect. This can help add a shabby vintage or rustic style onto the walls or furnishing.

Linen Texture –

A weave paint technique is a great way to add style and elegance to a modern or contemporary bedroom wall. To create linen-like weaves, a mixture of satin base coat color and glaze are applied on the wall in sections, creating a wet glaze vertically or horizontally over the same with a brush to attain the desired effect.

Rag Rolling Designs –

Rag rolling is one of the most common painting technique used to create wall texture for bedrooms. The technique is usually used over an accent wall or feature wall, to create a rugged and vintage look. The technique requires you to first paint your walls with an overall base color of your liking, then once dry, use a creased rag dipped in a darker or lighter glaze color over the wall in random directions.

Sponging Glaze –

Sponging is similar to rag rolling, where instead to a rag you can use a natural sea sponge or sponge roller to dab the desired top glaze, over the already dried base coat, to create an overlapping pattern offering a unique outcome.

Stone Impressions –

A very brilliant and eye-catching technique that has become increasingly famous with interior decorators is faux paint technique. Stonework wall is a faux painting texture design that offers a more dramatic effect on walls than wallpaper or stencil. To attain a textured stone effect, to make your bedroom walls look unique, you will need your basecoat to create an aged stucco effect, make the grout lines and create a stone-like formation that offers a realistic look to the faux stone wall.

A bedroom is a personal space that is not merely a place to sleep but also a place where one can be at peace with themselves and rejuvenate. Thus, planning something special for your bedroom décor can also be a way to add to your experience in your explicit place of comfort.


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