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The Importance of Hand Sanitizer Placement in Workplace

The Importance of Hand Sanitizer Placement in Workplace


The recent months have been difficult for everyone. But there is a silver lining—it has taught us many good things, too. The lockdown has taught us the importance of spending time with our families, taking time-out to enjoy our hobbies or learn something new. Still, the most important lesson the pandemic has given us is the importance of personal hygiene. Once the pandemic is over (fingers crossed!), you will have to continue being wary of hygiene. After all, the coronavirus isn’t the only virus that lurks on the surfaces. These microbes get on your hands and then into your body via mouth, nose, and eyes, making hand transmission one of the most common ways for viruses and bacteria to spread. You must practice the highest levels of hygiene once you step out of your house, and even when you’re working. With offices opening and your business getting back on track, you need to take care at your workplace. All you need is a good alcohol-based hand sanitizer by your side at your workstation.

  1. Who Doesn’t Like a Healthy Workplace?

    Hand sanitizers can significantly reduce the transmission of diseases at your workplace. They are more accessible than washbasins, promote microbial resistance, and are quick to use. How are they so effective at reducing viruses and bacteria? Alcohol-based sanitizers once it comes in contact with the bacteria and viruses on your hand, it destroys their outer shell and leaves them harmless. A hand sanitizer that is as per WHO recommended formulation, like Nerolac Hand Sanitizer, effectively reduces 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria and viruses on your hand. Nerolac Hand Sanitizer contains 75% alcohol and also contains glycerol which not only disinfects your hands but also keeps them moisturised.

  2. Better Peace of Mind and Productivity

    Having a hand sanitizer at your workstation will provide you with safety and give you a lot of reassurance and peace of mind. What does that mean? If you have peace of mind that you are safe from viruses and bacteria while at work, you will be able to focus on work properly. This will significantly improve your productivity, which is always a good thing. And a healthy mind and body mean happy working time always.

  3. Go Beyond Workstation

    Your hand sanitizer should be your best friend at almost every place in your office. We do recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds before having your lunch and using the washroom. But on other instances, like coming out of an elevator, receiving a courier parcel, collaborating in a team meeting, using office cutlery, you must use Nerolac Hand Sanitizer. These are sometimes when you can simply acquire germs and viruses from other surfaces.

  4. Go Beyond Workplace

    Do you use your own vehicle to commute to and from your office? If yes, you never know what kinds of hands must have touched your two-wheeler's handles and seat. You simply cannot risk getting any kind of viruses and bacteria before you step into your office or reach home. Same is the case with car handles. Therefore, sanitize your hands every time you touch your vehicle. We would recommend you keep a separate hand sanitizer in your car and a separate one at your workstation. Nerolac Hand Sanitizer is available in pocket friendly sizes such as 100ml. Hand sanitizers are much more than a trend today; they are a necessity. So ensure you have your hand sanitizer with you.

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