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 7 Features to Look Out for When Choosing Wall Paint

7 Features to Look Out for When Choosing Wall Paint

Selecting the right wall paint is important part of your home painting when you are planning to paint your house. Whether you just want to give your walls a fresh look or you are re-designing your house, it is important to consider few key features or functions of wall paints before you pick the right paint.

These are the 7 important functions to keep in mind when you are planning to buy a type of wall paint:

1. Washable paint: Paint should be washable and stain-resistant

Washable paint - Paint should be washable and stain-resistant image

If you walls get stained, you cannot paint them multiple times. Hence, go for washable wall paints so that you can easily clean and eliminate stains on walls. Especially for walls of high traffic rooms and areas or when there are kids in your home who can mess up the walls. You can choose satin finish or high gloss finish paints for these walls. Washable paints can be wiped and cleaned quickly and ensure fresh look for walls long after they have been painted.

2. Safe and Eco-friendly: Paint should be odourless and safe to touch

Safe and Eco-friendly - Paint should be odourless and safe to touch image

Safety of family members is a significant concern. Select wall paints that are safe to touch and do not have strong odours. Foul smell of paints can initiate allergic reactions in people. In the past, paints contained volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that are harmful for human health. You should instead choose eco-friendly paints that do not pose any side effects.

Eco-friendly paints are formulated to be free from VOCs. Choose eco-friendly home paint with zero or low VOC to protect the environment as well as your own health. Try Nerolac Healthy Home Paints range which keep the home clean and safe.

3. Paint sheen and shine: Paint should maintain its charm over time

Paint sheen and shine: Paint should maintain its charm over time image

Depending on the wall finish or paint sheen you will select, your paint may have low to high durability and moisture resistance. Hence, you should select a paint with high durability and long-lasting paint sheen for your home.

Select paints that maintain paint shine intact even with the passage of time. For example, select glossy finish paints with higher paint sheen for high traffic areas of your home. The kitchen, living room and corridors are areas where people often tread. Depending on your neighbourhood, your exterior walls can also be exposed to changes in weather and subjected to rough climate. Hence, use a paint with high paint sheen for your interior and exterior walls both so that they shine and last longer.

4. Dust Resistance: Paint should repel dust and not let dust to gather on walls

Dust Resistance - Paint should repel dust and not let dust to gather on walls image

If your home walls are continually exposed to dust, moisture, heat and indoor pollutants then it is important to choose a dust resistant paint for exterior and interior walls both. Dust resistance paints have low dust pick up and do not allow dust to settle on the walls. Hence, they can withstand your household atmosphere and protect the walls from dust and pollutants.

5. Crack bridging: Paint should protect walls from cracks

Crack bridging - Paint should protect walls from cracks image

With passage of time, cracks can appear in your walls due to moisture penetration or heat. Crack-bridging paints are paints which bridge over the gaps and give a continuous look to your wall coatings. Hence, use crack bridging paints which hide the flaws in walls and also safeguard your walls against appearing of cracks.

6. Weather Resistance: Is the paint a weatherproof paint?

Weather Resistance - Is the paint a weatherproof paint image

Since cooking is done in the kitchen, heat changes and moisture fluctuations will happen. When choosing paint for kitchen, assess how your paint will react to heat & moisture conditions.

When painting your exterior walls, it is important to know how well your exterior paint will react to moisture, sunlight, dust and water. Hence, you must keep ambient atmosphere and your neighbourhood surroundings in mind and select a weatherproof paint for your exterior walls. A weatherproof exterior paint will help to resist against dampness, moisture, heat, sunlight, water and dust for a long period of time. Choose an exterior paint which provides weather protection for your exterior walls.

7. Anti-microbial: Paint should be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

Anti-microbial - Paint should be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal image

Your interior walls and exterior walls both must be protected from unhealthy bacterial and fungal growth. Anti-microbial paints are formulated with that prevent growth of bacteria and fungi. Hence choose anti-fungal and anti-bacterial paints that will prevent you from infections.

Ready to Select Your Wall Paint?

Keeping in mind paint features shared above will enable you to select a long-lasting beauty paint which is best for your walls.

Nerolac Excel Mica Marble Stretch & Sheen is an exterior paint which has been formulated with dust-resistance, weather protection, elasticity and high paint sheen and shine factor in mind. Using this exterior paint will not only help to prevent damage caused by dust and pollutants but also ensure bright finish with superior paint sheen of your walls for years to come.

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