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Top 10 Wall Paint Colour Ideas For Bathroom

Top 10 Wall Paint Colour Ideas For Bathroom


Bathrooms are personal spaces where you can relax and unwind before starting your day. Nothing is better than taking a nice warm shower in a cozy bathroom with nice interiors. It is one of the spaces that are supposed to be clutter-free, clean, and spacious. There are plenty of things that you can do to make your bathroom look amazing.

One of the main things to start with is the wall paint colour ideas for the bathroom. If you are looking for bathroom inspiration, you can choose various things like neutral colours, bright colours, or a dramatic touch. Here are the 10 best wall paint colour ideas for the bathroom:

  • Go with the Light Shades for Bathroom:

    You can always choose light shades for the bathroom walls to give a spa-like look to your bathroom. Go with all-white interiors, which will not only make your bathroom look fantastic but will always give a soothing vibe.

    White will provide a classic yet clean and crisp look to the bathroom. You can go with nice mirrors and a bathroom to elevate the design of your bathroom. Make sure to keep a single tone for everything in the bathroom.

  • Pastel Pink Colour for the Bathroom:

    If you want to go for pastel shades, then you can choose pastel pink for the bathroom wall paint colours. Pastel pink is perfect for the bathroom, and it will go perfectly with the textured wooden furniture around. You can also choose a white bathtub to elevate your bathroom design. Go for ceiling lamps as they will give a better look with the wall colour.

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  • Blue Colour for Bathroom:

    Blue Colour for Bathroom

    Blue is one of the best bathroom colours that you can go with. You can choose the blue and white combination for the bathroom and decorate the corners with beautiful plants to make the bathroom space look serene. You can choose light brown furniture for your bathroom as it will complement the blue wall paintings. Blue bathroom wall paintings will create a spa-like feeling in the bathroom and will make the surroundings look dreamy.

  • Neutral Wall Paint for Bathroom:

    Neutral shades can never go wrong for any kind of space. You can choose light wall paint colours for your bathroom as they will display simplicity at their best. You can take ceramic finished furniture to give a better look to your bathroom. You can check the Nerolac website for unique neutral colour ideas for the bathroom.

  • Charcoal Black and Grey Colour Combination:

    You can choose a charcoal black and grey colour combination for your bathroom. It will not only set the right tone in the bathroom but will also make it look richer. With the darker shades, you can add a metallic touch to make your space look fantastic. This colour combination lets you play around with textures and nice decor. This colour combination will add a dramatic look to the bathroom and make it look versatile.

  • Light Beige Colour for Bathroom:

    Light Beige Colour for Bathroom

    It is one of the most common bathroom wall colours. You can choose a combination of beige and white for your bathroom. Choose beige for the walls and white for the furniture and attachments in the bathroom. With the beige and white accent, you can choose long and big mirrors for your bathroom as it will make your space look bigger than usual and give a nice touch to the area.

  • Turquoise Paint Colour for Bathroom:

    The turquoise bathroom wall paint colour is very artistic and is highly recommended. You can choose the textured tile in turquoise for the bathroom mirror wall and keep everything else white in colour. It will give a great look to your bathroom and add the simplicity of white. You can also choose to mix both shades with natural colours to make the colour pop in the bathroom.

  • Dark Green Colour for Bathroom:

    Bottle green colour is totally trending right now because of the amazing effect it leaves in space. You can go for bottle green walls with marble textured wall combinations in your bathroom. You can also add a few indoor plants in the space to create nature-inspired decor in the bathroom. It is one of the best bathroom colours to go with because it makes the bathroom space look amazing.

  • Yellow-Coloured Bathroom Walls:

    Yellow-Coloured Bathroom Walls

    Do you want to play around with energetic colours in your bathroom space? Then choose a yellow colour for the walls. Yellow colour displays energy in ways that no other colour can, so you can choose the brightest yellow shade for your bathroom.

    You can also add the accent of orange colour on the attachments to make them look appealing. You can never go wrong with yellow and orange combinations as they are happy colours. It is one of the best wall paint ideas for the kid's room bathroom.

  • Brown Wall Paint for Bathroom:

    Do you want to give a rich look to your bathroom? Then choose a textured brown colour for the bathroom space. You can choose light brown or white furniture for the bathroom with the brown colour. You can lay rugs right in front of the tub to elevate the look and add more to it. Make sure to add yellow lights in the bathroom so that the colour looks visually appealing.

    The brown colour will create a calm and earthy look in the bathroom. Imagine relaxing in the bathtub full of warm water with a cozy surrounding vibe. If you want to elevate the look even more, you can choose metallic accents for the attachments in the bathroom.


There are plenty of bathroom wall paint colours that you can choose from Nerolac. You can add trendy and luxurious colours to your bathroom to give it a great look overall. If you want to go with minimal decor but an aesthetic look in your bathroom, then go with bold colours. It is essential to choose the right colour that will complement the space and make the overall work worth it. So, think through and go with the right colour combination for your bathroom.

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