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Wake Up to The Top Bedroom Colours of 2019

2018-12-24 Wake Up to The Top Bedroom Colours of 2019
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Choosing the right bedroom colours for your walls is as much of a science as it is an art. A recent study by Travelogue showed that people who slept in blue and green rooms slept longer than those who slept in rooms that had other bedroom paint colours. In the Indian context, Vastu experts unanimously agree that browns, blues, and pinks are the best bedroom colours. But how do you use these bedroom paint colours and keep up with the trends of 2019? Leave that to us! We bring you our top picks for the best shades and colour combos for bedrooms that are going to steal the show in 2019.

An Ocean of Blue

Blue is arguably the best bedroom paint colour, that can be used singularly or in combination with crisp whites, gentle grays, and touches of greens. You could couple darker shades of blue, like Nerolac’s Silence (2426), with lighter shades of blue, like Nora’s Niche (4303). Add a highlight of our Masterpiece Whites by painting a pillar, chair rails, or crown mouldings with Little Lullaby (1974). Get more ideas on how to use blue bedroom paint colours with our Tropical Paradise collection.

A Lungful of Green

It is human nature to be most at ease when close to nature. Green bedrooms recreate that stress-relieving environment and allow us to be at peace, something that’s very important to get a good night’s sleep. However, don’t make the mistake of painting the entire bedroom green! Pair it with whites, beiges, and grays for a spectacular effect. Nerolac’s Water Gray (2928), which is a mossy green, along with Tawny Tan (2764), one of our bestselling Masterpiece Whites, is an excellent combination to enjoy a lungful of green. Look through our Secret Garden collection for more ideas on how to use green in your bedroom.

A Forest of Brown

Natural textures of brown not only soothe us down but also bring elegance into our bedrooms. Browns even accentuate our room’s décor and furnishings, both in natural sunlight and artificial yellow lights. Use a dark shade like Gravy Dip (4511) with a beige or white. Or pair an even darker brown like Chocolate Fondue (4512) with a dark maroon or red like Kokam Red (4108). Check out more possibilities with brown bedroom paint colours in our Modern Monochrome collection.

A Cheer of Pink

With Living Coral being selected as Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019, pinks are definitely the trendiest bedroom colours for the year ahead. Pink shouldn’t just be an option for your little girl’s bedroom; if used properly, it can totally perk up the look of your bedroom. Use with lighter colours like whites for a younger, fresher look. Or team it up with grays and browns for a more sophisticated look. Take a look at our Urban Sense collection for more ideas on how to use pink as a bedroom colour.

A Dollop of White

For some of us, nothing says elegance more than the colour white. If you like the pristineness of white, fret not. There’s a lot you can do with whites. In fact, there are more shades of whites than you probably know. White bedrooms also allow you to play around with different coloured furniture, drapes, rugs, and upholstery. A white bedroom can also use an accent wall to bring a burst of colour to an otherwise monotone bedroom. See what you can do with whites in our Masterpiece Whites collection.


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