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Wall Painting Ideas for Kitchen

Wall Painting Ideas for Kitchen

The heart and soul of your home, the space where love brews; the kitchen is of utmost importance to homeowners and the home design plan. As a homeowner, you need to pay heed to your kitchen’s design as well as its functionality. It is the only space where functionality and design come together to create something magnificent.

Wall painting ideas are not reserved for living rooms and bedrooms only. Your kitchen deserves as much love, design and attention to detail. A touch of design softens the utilitarian aspect of the kitchen, making it an aesthetic working space. To combine utility and design, we have curated 5 wall painting ideas to spruce up your kitchen. Along with that, we have also handpicked the latest, state-of-the-art shades for your kitchen below.

Trending shades as wall painting ideas for kitchens

  1. Navy blue to teal blue: Modern kitchens are seen donning these beautiful shades with pristine decor
  2. Greys, blacks and woodwork: Kitchens straight out of a magazine with sleek, glossy and matte finishes
  3. Taxi inspiration, yellows and blacks: Accents of yellow in terms of cabinets, panels and walls liven up a black-dominant kitchen
  4. Retro kitchens in light pastels and white: Adorn your kitchen with retro utensils and electronics with pastels and white giving it a diner finish
  5. Glossy plum on cabinets paired with grey: This modern wall painting idea for kitchens is in high demand recently
  1. Blue Kitchens with Grey Textured Backdrops

    Blue Kitchens with Grey Textured Backdrops

    Whether you want a light blue with pastel grey or a deep, navy blue with charcoal grey, this wall painting combination is one of the latest trends for kitchens. Don’t just play with shades, let your greys be painted in textures to add character and balance to your kitchen. Great spaces for texture are kitchen backdrops above the slabs and empty walls where utensils are hung.

    ere are a few ways we can pair the shades of blue with textured grey backdrops for a modern, stylish kitchen:

    • Daydreamer (4290) (Light Blue) with Honeycomb textured grey
    • Thunderbay (2420) (Dark Blue) with Grunge-textured Grey
    • Aqua Electra (2468) (Aqua Blue) with faux brick grey

    Suited for: Small kitchens, L shaped kitchens

  2. Matte Black Kitchens with Wooden Textures

    Matte Black Kitchens with Wooden Textures

    Wondering how to have a kitchen like seen in most movies? This wall painting idea for kitchens can give you just that. Matte black finish has a way to transform anything usual into a classic masterpiece. Painting your kitchen cabinets in matte black can give it a great, stylish finish and wooden textures add just the character you need to draw contrast. The rustic wooden feel combined with the elegant matte finish is a treat to the eyes.

    Here are a few ways a homeowner can pair matte black with wooden textured walls for kitchens:

    • Matte black cabinets and wooden walls and panels
    • Wooden textured cabinets with matte black finish on panels
    • Wooden textures with matte black accents

    Suited for: Modular kitchens, open kitchens

  3. Yellow Kitchen Cabinets with White Backdrops

    Yellow Kitchen Cabinets with White Backdrops

    Surprise your plain, classic white kitchen with yellow accents. You can go big with bold yellow cabinets or choose a yellow, stencilled ceiling or keep it minimal by adding yellow decor as a tinge of colour to the large expanse of white. White may get monotonous and yellow enlivens the space with its energy even in the tiniest of things. Here are a few ways to execute this wall painting idea for kitchens:

    • Yellow walls and white cabinets: Let your backdrop be vibrant to white cabinets
    • White everywhere, with yellow accents: Your rug, your handles, your lamp or your crockery can take on yellow to add balance
    • Yellow textures on ceilings or walls: Complement your white with yellow textures wherever you need to add drama to the kitchen

    Suited for: Cosy kitchens, rectangular kitchens with wall space, open kitchens, studio kitchens

  4. Rustic, modern kitchens with textures

    Rustic, modern kitchens with textures

    Many homeowners aim for the traditional, rustic kitchen but with a modern air. We have this wall painting idea and textures to help us achieve that. Homeowners can go for traditional, torn down brick walls or dusty, textured grunge walls to add the rustic vibe with modern, sleek cabinetry and kitchen ware to balance the contemporary style. Textured wall painting ideas give us a whole lot of room to experiment, providing us with options like grunge, faux brick, sponge effect, dusty finishes, half-done walls etc. Here are a few textures homeowners can experiment with for this wall painting idea:

    • Grunge effect with greys or browns for the wooden texture and rustic vibe
    • Half-done walls with a textured half-finished paint
    • Dusty textured walls in browns, reds or cement coloured to show a traditional kitchen
    • Sponge effect to add drama to matte-finish cabinets and kitchen work

    Suited for: Re-modelling, small kitchens, studio kitchens

  5. Glossy Kitchens with Pop Shades

    Glossy Kitchens with Pop Shades

    Why restrict your kitchen to boring shades and textures when it can be attention grabbing and elegant at the same time? This wall painting idea for kitchens with glossy finishes and one pop shade works well to add dimension and radiance to a busy space. Glossy colours like plum, blue, red, green, orange are most popular since they bring in energy and positivity wherever needed. Glossy finishes can be paired with brick walls, semi-gloss or eggshell finishes, grunge textures as well to add character.

    Suited for: Modern kitchens, small kitchens, attached kitchens

Now that you’re aware of how to spruce up your kitchen with our wall painting ideas and designs, let us give you a few simple tips on how to maintain, detail and design it.

  1. Play with your lighting and decor. If you have an open space for breakfast, use a nice lamp
  2. One good way to add character to your kitchen is displaying your crockery on open shelves
  3. Add texture to your tiles, backdrops, ceilings or floors as well.
  4. Don’t be shy with bold colours. Let your kitchen be an example of good and positive energy

That’s not all! Explore wall painting ideas for your home, your bedroom and your living room here, to continue your wall painting journey.

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